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Life of a Fox: Meet Timothy our RSBD Business Manager

I am part of the Regional Strategic Development Team (RSBD) and my primary job function is to bring the UrbanFox business into Malaysia! This position is mentally stimulating and challenging at the same time as it requires both soft skills on stakeholder management, as well as technical knowledge across a wide spectrum of functions. This

Life of a Fox: Meet Shahrul our Transport Operations Manager

My main responsibility includes planning and managing resources such as our drivers and vehicles. Through proper management of drivers, we strive to achieve shorter delivery time, improved turnaround times, faster delivery route and greater flexibility of our operations. During peak seasons or when experiencing an influx on-demand request, it is vital to plan our resources

How can eCommerce Businesses Leverage Warehouses and Fulfilment Centers Synergistically?

In our previous article, aptly titled Distribution Centres VS. Warehouse, we elaborated on the oft-confused differences between distribution centres and warehouses. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, warehouses and distribution centres each have their own distinct characteristics and strengths. Hence, it is especially important for businesses to realise these differences and ascertain the nuances

What is the main differences between Fulfillment Centers and Warehouse

Despite the terms being used interchangeably, the truth is warehouses and fulfilment centres are substantially different.   Warehouses, defined as commercial buildings, were traditionally used to stockpile goods until they were required to be shipped out. Goods in the warehouse are stored at maximum capacity for an extended period of time.  However, due to the