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Life of a Fox: Meet Shahrul our Transport Operations Manager

My main responsibility includes planning and managing resources such as our drivers and vehicles. Through proper management of drivers, we strive to achieve shorter delivery time, improved turnaround times, faster delivery route and greater flexibility of our operations. During peak seasons or when experiencing an influx on-demand request, it is vital to plan our resources

How can eCommerce Businesses Leverage Warehouses and Fulfilment Centers Synergistically?

In our previous article, aptly titled Distribution Centres VS. Warehouse, we elaborated on the oft-confused differences between distribution centres and warehouses. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, warehouses and distribution centres each have their own distinct characteristics and strengths. Hence, it is especially important for businesses to realise these differences and ascertain the nuances

What is the main differences between Fulfillment Centers and Warehouse

Despite the terms being used interchangeably, the truth is warehouses and fulfilment centres are substantially different.   Warehouses, defined as commercial buildings, were traditionally used to stockpile goods until they were required to be shipped out. Goods in the warehouse are stored at maximum capacity for an extended period of time.  However, due to the

Home-grown logistics start-up sets sights abroad

When consumers buy the popular Irvins Salted Egg snacks online, the entire shopping experience is being managed by a local logistics start-up that is making the most of the e-commerce boom. UrbanFox takes product photos, writes marketing copy and then packs and delivers the products to consumers. Its one-stop service to help firms and consumer

Keppel Logistics unit UrbanFox expands to Vietnam, Malaysia

OMNICHANNEL logistics and channel management solutions firm UrbanFox is expanding to Vietnam and Malaysia with support from Enterprise Singapore, it said on Tuesday. UrbanFox – whose parent company is Keppel Logistics – worked with Keppel Land to establish online-to-offline (O2O) capabilities at Estella Place shopping mall in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The O2O features allow shoppers

Partners Day 2019

Partner Day 2019 was held at Keppel Bay on 18 Jul 2019, with over 100 guests and 42 companies attended to learn more on brands collaboration, identifying new opportunities and forging relationships. Many thanks to our speakers from Lazada, CEO, James Chang and Head of Marketing Solutions, Suharshini Bhani for sharing their insights on empowering