Life of a Fox: Meet Timothy our RSBD Business Manager

I am part of the Regional Strategic Development Team (RSBD) and my primary job function is to bring the UrbanFox business into Malaysia! This position is mentally stimulating and challenging at the same time as it requires both soft skills on stakeholder management, as well as technical knowledge across a wide spectrum of functions.

This would include strategic financial planning, obtaining of local licenses, deployment of our technology infrastructure, corporate development with strategic partners/Malaysian government, recruitment of a local team, managing some of our key regional clients, office setup and implementation of local operational processes (logistics, finance, channel management etc).

Starting from an investment proposal to Keppel management to approve our expansion strategy into Malaysia (in terms of resources required, speed and scale of operations), I now get to experience these plans materialize as I take on the responsibility to deploy our operations there.

Our core business is on providing businesses with an integrated eCommerce solution with supply chain capabilities to create a seamless omnichannel experience. I am excited to be part of the eCommerce revolution because of the endless opportunities, upwards growth trajectory and its ability to reach a broad global audience through multiple channels. In particular, command and control over the eCommerce supply chain is a key success factor in the industry today and I know I am in the right company.

By leveraging on Keppel Logistics’ robust supply chain infrastructure in the South East Asia (SEA) region, UF has up the game on fulfillment accuracy and parcel speed to market. With the company expanding regionally, I am confident that UF will start to dominate the industry with its localization strategy while ensuring consistency in the quality of services for brands, experienced across SEA.

Apart from the physical setup of UF abroad, our strategy role will require us to analyse macro-economic trends, gather the latest industry news, study cultural aspects of the market, conduct competitive analysis, and produce useful insights to remain sensitive to market needs. In addition, we also validate the business’ viability, sustainability and keep an active lookout on Merger and Acquisition (M&A) opportunities.

One of my highlights while working in UrbanFox is when we were accredited as a cross border eCommerce initiative partner in the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ), a Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) initiative. This government-driven partnership would widen Malaysia’s Digital Economy ecosystem and enabling businesses to scale online and throughout the region using our digital enabled logistics solutions.