[Urban Events] Breadtalk Roadshow

As it is our second roadshow at Breadtalk, a handful of the staff who have missed our previous roadshow came over to find out more about what UrbanFox eClub has to offer. After hearing the perks of enjoying exclusive deals of UrbanFox store, they have thus signed up with us so that they can shop at UrbanFox store right away!

Other than Banyi Marketing, we had Great Natural Taste with us at the Breadtalk roadshow and the staff was curious to find out the products that are displayed out by them. One product of Great Natural Taste stood out the most  Bangkok Balm. It garnered a lot of attention as it is an effective yet natural way to combat eczema. Not only does it help with people who experience discomfort with eczema, it provides relief for insect bites and burns. Furthermore, tagged at an affordable price point, it generated quite a bit of buzz among them. More details on the product as below:


Bangkok Balm provides a gentle cooling effect on your skin with a fresh scent smell unlike traditional medicinal balm often left strong smell and oily feeling to your skin.

Direction For Use:

Apply on skin for relief of itchiness, mosquito and insect bites.

*This medical balm is made with all-natural composition and it is safe for children use from ages of 3 years and above.




Feel free to browse the other products of Great Natural Taste here. They have essential oils as well!