Q: What is Channel Management?

Channel management is the management of multiple online sales channel via one single platform. UrbanFox’s proprietary channel management technology connects to popular marketplaces such as Lazada and eBay. It is also easily integrated into e-commerce platforms like Magento and Shopify. Save yourself the hassle of listing your products and synchronising your orders and inventory across the different marketplace and e-commerce platforms. With UrbanFox, sell on multiple marketplaces and platforms with the least effort.

Channel management at UrbanFox extends beyond the integration of sales channels to include a centralised inventory control. You can manage all your online sales with one inventory source. For example, when an order is made in Lazada, UrbanFox adjusts the centralised inventory level and provides real-time inventory updates to other e-commerce sites and marketplaces. With this in place, there is very little risk of not being able to fulfil orders from other channels.

Channel Management Solutions

Below is a list of Channel Management features:

  1. Product information management
  2. Promotion and campaign management
  3. Order management
  4. Returns management
  5. Last mile delivery and warehouse integration with our Omnichannel Logistics platform
  6. E-commerce platform and marketplace integration
  7. Reports generation

In today’s e-commerce, a typical fulfilment process involves significant manpower and time. This includes tracking of inventory from different sales channels, picking and packing the goods from the warehouse and last mile deliveryWith an integrated solution like UrbanFox’s Omnichannel logistic and channel management platforms, your e-commerce fulfilment process is seamless, streamlined and automated.