Q: Do you know how your warehouse could work smarter?

At UrbanFox, we understand that e-commerce is not complete without warehousing and last mile fulfilment solutions. Being logisticians at heart, we understand what is needed to streamline your warehousing needs.

We provide flexible and affordable warehousing solutions catered to your business needs. Free yourself from the hassle of inventory management.

Storage Solutions

UrbanFox understands the time sensitivity and competitiveness of the e-commerce landscape.
In traditional e-commerce logistics, the extra step of picking up goods at the retailer's’ individual warehouse to our warehouse results in increased delivery cost and additional fulfilment time.
By storing with UrbanFox, we effectively removed the need for this extra step. With our end-to-end omnichannel logistic solution, we are able to automate and streamline the management of your inventory in our warehouse.
UrbanFox offers competitive short-term storage services for your goods. For as low as $8 per week, your goods can be stored securely with us. Please contact us for more information.
For storage with ecommerce fulfilment requirements, the rates below will apply (All prices are in Singapore Dollars, excluding GST.):