[Urban Feeds] How to keep a healthy lifestyle and diet

Every person I asked has his/her own ideas on how to keep healthy and have a balanced diet. And the recent keto diet trend is so popular that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. So, does it take a lot of effort to keep a healthy lifestyle and diet? Well the answer is No.

If you are not aiming to have those crazy bods with defined lines (that you can literally swipe your credit cards with), then honestly it is not hard to feel light all the time. Achieve a right balance with the activities that you love to do and indulge in the food that you love occasionally is absolutely fine. I will be sharing some points that you can consider adopting on your journey of discovering that inner healthy guru in you.

1. Make Simple Swaps

Swap coke with coke zero, bubble tea with hot tea, kopi with kopi O and so on. It’s these simple changes that you can start with which you will feel a huge difference in the long run. Other than working on reducing the sugar in your diet, you can also take baby steps in your daily commute by working those legs. Instead of taking the escalator, brave the stairs! The best part about taking the stairs – you don’t have to be standing so close to strangers on the escalator and avoid unpleasant circumstances when they decided to just stop right in front of you when exiting. Burn more calories climbing stairs, so that you won’t feel guilty having a heavy lunch afterwards. These changes don’t take a lot of effort so what are you waiting for? Adopt them today!

2. Choose Nutritious Foods

Taking in nutritious foods like granola, health beverages not only keeps you full longer, it can aid in digestion, contributing to your overall well-being. In addition, the consumption of such foods will keep you alert and energetic throughout the day, beating off the zzz monster. When time goes by, your body will appreciate it and reward you in ways that you can never imagine. As you start to reap these benefits gradually, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet will not be a chore as it comes naturally to you, almost like an innate ability.

3. Build up your immunity

If you still love your sinful foods and is unwilling to swap it for anything, then build up your immunity to combat the evil forces that can’t wait to bring down your body system. Train your army of immunity soldiers with vitamin C and superfoods and incorporate it into your daily routine. You are the commander of your own army – always fight to win your enemy and always be prepared. Nuff said.

4. Engage in activities for the mind and body

Depending on your personality, some prefer to sweat it out by doing kickboxing, zumba, muay thai, while others prefer yoga, pilates etc. Its entirely up to you in terms of the level of intensity you would prefer. However, no matter which activity you chose in the end, it will all lead to one thing a healthy mind and body.


After having said so much, I do hope the above information that is shared will spur you on in pursuing a healthy lifestyle and diet. Health is wealth so take care of yourselves because life has so much in plan for you to explore and enjoy.


Signing off,

Resident Fox