[Urban Events] OCBC Centre Roadshow

October kicked off with the roadshow at OCBC Centre which was held on 9th October. The turnout was great with many enquiries on the benefits of the products that Banyi Marketing has showcased. With the increasing importance of looking after one’s health, the products that were displayed caught the attention of the OCBC staff, which resulted in an overwhelming response. Moreover, many familiar faces were also spotted among the crowd that visited the roadshow that day with repeat purchases as they have experienced for themselves how Banyi products has improved their health.

Some of the popular items that are sold during the roadshow are the miracle organic noodles pack, purigene purigold and the pack of both gold plus & love heart.

1. Miracle Organic Noodles Pack



The perfect hassle-free meal that you can whip up amidst your busy schedules. The noodles are easy to cook and is a convenient yet healthy option anytime. Get yours here !






2. Purigene Purigold



A unique formula suited for all and especially for those who are concerned about cholesterol. It is a traditional concoction mixed recipe of turmeric ginger, garlic, lemon with apple cider vinegar & honey.





3. Gold Plus + Love Heart Bundle


– EL Gold Plus
Gold Plus is non sugar added and rich in phyto nutrients, drink daily for an energy booster. For ladies, Gold Plus a good source of calcium and help to enhance calcium absorption and thus prevent osteoporosis, while the pumpkin seeds in Gold Plus is good for man health as it helps to prevent prostate disease.

– EL Love Heart
Love Heart is a superhealth and beauty beverage that provides numerous benefits like improve digestive system, promote cardiovascular and cholesterol health, strengthen immune system, boost antioxidant level and improve skin texture.



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Stay tuned to our next update on the next roadshow which will be held at Breadtalk office on 17th October (Wednesday)!