Customer Appreciation – Expanding Possibilities Together Growth through Partnerships

On the 25th of April, UrbanFox hosted our first ever Customer Appreciation event at the Keppel Leadership Institute. Located at Harbourfront, the site overlook Keppel Bay which include the luxury waterfront residence the Reflections and award winning marina. The theme of the event was exploring opportunities and growth through partnerships. We invited customers and guest

Omnichannel customer experience and how to implement a winning strategy (Infographics)

Understanding the omnichannel consumer: In this highly connected world, the line between online and offline are blurring. Customer expectations are rising, and they choose to engage with brands across channels that can deliver smart, personalised and seamless experiences. A study conducted by Salesforce reveals that 75% of consumers expect a consistent experience wherever they engage

How Companies Embrace and Create a Seamless Customer Experience

In the past, shopping experiences start and end in the store. Now it is a journey across multiple channels – website, marketplace, mobile, in-store and over the phone. With the expectations of shopping anytime, anywhere and via any device by the modern consumer, Companies are challenged to create an integrated customer experience across all their

Five eCommerce logistics trends all aspiring entrepreneurs should be aware of

Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins The eCommerce landscape in Asia Pacific has never been more buzzing. With an estimated number of digital buyers in Asia Pacific of 1139.6 million individuals spread across Asia Pacific, the region recorded a more than 40 per cent growth in e-commerce transactions from 2016 to 2019, and estimated to hit

Local omnichannel management brand UrbanFox marks stellar first year: Sets sights on going ‘beyond logistics’ in Southeast Asia

Singapore, 30 October 2018 – UrbanFox, a subsidiary of Keppel Logistics, marks its first anniversary with stellar growth across all its services. Set to expand its regional footprint to cover Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia by 2019, UrbanFox aims to help brands tap into the company’s suite of omnichannel management and logistics solutions across the region