[Urban Feeds] Games to play during group gatherings

April 18, 2019

Running out of ideas on what to do for your gatherings? Engage in games that bring high excitement levels in the group. Read on to find out more!

Organ Attack!

Photo credits to The Awkward Store

Organ attack! is a family friendly game of organ harvesting! The objective of the game is to remove your opponent’s organ before they remove yours. Defend and attack using a variety of strategic play cards that can be used during your turn. The last player to have at least one organ left is the winner! The game doesn’t require medical knowledge and is easy to understand!


Exploding Kittens

Photo credits to Trusted Reviews

The objective of this game is to avoid getting an Exploding Kitten card and be the last player left. Players take turns drawing cards until someone draws an exploding kitten and loses the game. To lower the chances of picking up an exploding kitten card, this game allows you to peek at the cards before you draw which allows you to force your opponent to draw multiple cards or shuffle the deck. The game gets more intense towards the end as fewer cards left in the deck means a higher possibility of drawing the Exploding Kitten card. The most enjoyable part of the game is to utilise your card’s special effect and successfully getting other players to explode.



Photo credits to Gamewright

Cahoots is a colourful card game in which players must complete a series of goals without saying what’s in their hand by working together as a team. Players race against the clock to win so they need to be in cahoots. It is a great game that makes you think and work together. Cahoots doesn’t require a big group to play, a fuss-free way to kill time and gather together!



Photo credits to Uncommongoods

Funemployed is a card-based party game in which everyone’s trying to become employed. Players can apply for real jobs such as lawyer with unreal qualifications. Players must convince others that he is the best fit for a job by explaining why their qualifications make them the best fit. Find innovative ways to use your qualifications and become the most “funemployed” player at the table!


Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Ultimate, $89.00  

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the pinnacle of Nintendo’s beloved all-star fighting franchise, with 74 characters and 100 stages that allow you and your friends to create the chaotic brawls of your dreams. It supports up to 8 players, compatible with everything from single Joy-Cons to Pro Controllers. Jam out to 900 different music compositions and play together anytime, anywhere! Buy now!


Nintendo Switch 1-2-Switch

Nintendo Switch 1-2-Switch, $79.90 

A face to face gameplay where you look at your friend as you compete in a new style of video game party full of fast and fun face-to-face games. Liven up your parties and gatherings with these 28 mini-games to explore and blow the competition! Buy now!

Spice up your gatherings with this list of games and try something different with your friends!

[Urban Feeds] Unique staycation experiences in Singapore

April 12, 2019

Take a break from your hectic lives and have a unique staycation experience in Singapore. We’ve got your next staycation covered! Read to find out more!

Wanderlust Hotel

Photo credits to Wanderlust

Wanderlust hotel is boutique hotel nestled in Orchard featuring 4 thematic levels of 29 rooms. Each level is designed by award winning Singapore’s design agencies. The four themes are ‘Industrial Glam’, ‘Eccentricity’, ‘Is It Just Black and White?’ and ‘Creature Comforts’. Wanderlust hotel is the right place where you’ll go home feeling refreshed. Rooms start from $190!

Address: 2 Dickson Rd, Singapore 209494
Website: https://www.wanderlusthotel.com/



Photo Credits to Tripzilla

Unlike your standard hotel, Yotel is equipped with self-service check-in and check-out kiosks, a mobile concierge app, and resident robots Yoshi and Yolanda. Be charmed by Yoshi and Yolanda, as they are the first robots in the world to be equipped with Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) technology that enables autonomous navigation around the entire hotel. They will be at your call 24/7 if you need any amenities in your room! Rooms in Yotel are named as ‘cabins’, featuring its signature adjustable SmartBed. With just a touch of a button, the bed will change into the position for sleeping or lounging. Splurge on a suite in Yotel from starting rate of $199!

Address: 366 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238904
Website: https://www.yotel.com/en/hotels/yotel-singapore


The Warehouse Hotel

Photo credits to The Smart Local

The Warehouse Hotel is an industrial chic hotel featuring whitewashed walls and a symmetrical trio of buildings. It is built in 1985 and was originally a warehouse! While much of that history has disappeared, it has been meticulously restored as a modern 37-room boutique hotel, focusing on heritage and local culture. Be sure to visit the bar for an evening drink to experience the hotel’s chill vibes.

Address: 320 Havelock Road Robertson Quay, 169628
Website: http://www.thewarehousehotel.com/


Ann Siang House

Photo credits to TTGAsia

Nestled on the outskirts of Chinatown and within minutes of the business district, Ann Siang house is a fashionably restored heritage hotel designed for contemporary guest. None of the rooms has the same layout and furnishing. The hotel pride itself with its culinary endeavours with resident restaurant like Blue Label Pizza & Wine and Perbacco serving up authentic Italian food. You can also find famous local hawker centres, Maxwell and Amoy Street, bustling eateries such as Park Bench Deli, and Luke’s Oyster Bar within 5 minutes walking distance.

Address: 28 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069708
Website: https://annsianghouse.com/


Hotel 1929

Photo credits to boboandchichi

Hotel 1929 is made up of 5 shophouses built in 1929. It is located in the heart of bustling Chinatown, famously lined with quaint cafes, bistros, bakeries and restaurants. All the 33 modern chic rooms in Hotel 1929 is themed and designed with a balcony overlooking Keong Saik Road. You can also take a quick walk to Clarke Quay and Marina Bay Sands for more city sightseeing and easy access to the night shows.

Address: 50 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089154
Website: http://www.hotel1929.com/

Take the opportunity to wander around the area you’re in during your staycation, you’ll never know what gems you might discover! Book your staycation now!

[Urban Feeds] Amazing things to do in Singapore

April 5, 2019

Besides the usual shopping, eating and watching movies, engage in interesting and fun-filled activities instead! Read on to find out the places in Singapore where you can explore and have a great time at!

Axe Factor

Photo credits to Axe Factor

Feeling stressed out? Release stress and pick up a sport at the same time. Vent your frustrations by hurling axes onto a target board 14 feet away! Being Singapore’s first indoor axe throwing range, Axe Factor has up to 10 lanes equipped with real axes for you to master your skills. If you’re looking to let off all your stress and troubles, head down to Axe Factor for an axe-citing experience! Enjoy up to 50% off when you purchase Axe Factor vouchers over at UrbanFox Store! Don’t miss it!

Address: The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Rd #01-32A/B & 34A/B Singapore 287994
Opening Hours:  Mon – Thurs: 12pm to 10pm | Fri: 12pm to 1am | Sat: 10am to 1am | Sun: 10am to 10pm


Holey Moley

Photo credits to The Smart Local

Holey Moley is a mini golf course and bar that turns traditional golf into a multi-sensory labyrinth of unique holes that’ll keep you on your toes across the craziest round of golf you’ve ever played. Every single of the 27 holes has different themes. One of the themes include Alice in Wonderland, Game of Thrones, and The Simpsons etc. All equipment will be provided so just show up with your friends and you’re ready for a game!

Address: 3B River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024
Opening Hours:  Mon-Wed: 12pm to 1am | Thu-Fri: 12pm to 2am | Sat: 10am to 2am | Sun: 10am to 10pm


Island Hopping

Thinking of having a vacation but don’t have the luxury of time? Block out a weekend to explore and experience the different scenes of Singapore at nearby islands! Try island hopping to Palau Ubin, Kusu Island, or Lazarus Island for an adventure!

Photo credits to Marina Bay Sands

Pulau Ubin – Easily accessible via a short 10-minute bumboat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal. Rent a bicycle and ride out to the Chek Jawa Wetlands in Pulau Ubin. The Chek Jawa Wetlands is an unique ecosystem that consists of a beach, mangroves, forest and more! Explore the traditional shops in this rustic kampung that evokes nostalgia as though taking a trip back to Singapore’s yester-years.

Photo credits to The Finder Singapore

Kusu Island – Also known as “Tortoise Island”, you can still see many tortoises at the tortoise sanctuary on the island. This island has various historic shrines and temples. If your idea of a great day trip involves cultural exploration, you’ll like Kusu Island!

Photo credits to The Smart Local

Lazarus Island – You can find a clear, pristine stretch of beach at Lazarus Island. The beach is usually deserted, making it one of the few places in Singapore not plagued by crowds. Nature lovers will find it a great option for a quick respite from bustling city life.


Stand-up Comedy Shows

Photo credits to Canvas

Laughter is always the best medicine! Singapore’s stand-up comedy scene is getting really exciting nowadays. Unwind and gather your friends for a great comedy night at Canvas! Kumar, one of Singapore’s finest comedians needs no introduction. His stand-up shows are studded with political gag and jokes that hit close to home. Catch his weekly shows every Tuesday at Canvas located in Clark Quay area.

Address: The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Road, S(058416)
When: Every Tuesday, 8:30 pm


Chill at Quayside Isle

Photo credits to Honeycombers

Nestled within the heart of Sentosa Cove, you can find bars, cafes, an awesome harbour and a jogging track with a view over at Quayside Isle. Experience the ‘out of Singapore’ feeling and enjoy scenic views of the marina with food and activities!

Address: 31 Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098375

Don’t be fooled by the size of the little red dot! There are plenty of major attractions to visit, sights to see, grounds to explore and under-the-radar spots to discover. Have fun exploring!

[Urban Feeds] Tech Hacks You Should Know

March 29, 2019

Here are a few tech-related tips and hacks that allow you to get work done faster. Read on to find out more!

Never hit the full stop key again

Photo credits to Touch Pals

Simply hit the space bar twice for a full stop when you type on mobile devices. The next letter will be automatically capitalised too! Save the hassle of switching to the punctuation keyboard!


Shortcut keys while playing YouTube video

Photo credits to Freepik

Press K: To play or pause a video
Use L: To forward the video to 10 seconds
Use J: To rewind the video to 10 seconds
Press M: To mute sound to the video
Click F: To put video to full screen
Up↑ and down↓ keys: To put volume high or low.
Press home: To get back to the start of the video.


Use emojis on desktops

Photo credits to Pocket Lint

Do not limit the use of emoji to only mobile phones, you can use them on the desktop too!
For Mac: Press control + command + spacebar to get the emoji menu.
For Windows: The latest version of Chrome has an emoji menu. Simply right-click anywhere you can type and click “Emoji” in the menu to access all the available emojis.


Create a WiFi QR code for your guests

Photo credits to QR Stuff

Tired of repeating your WiFi password to every guest that visit your place? Create a QR code that allows them to connect to your WiFi network. Visit QR Stuff to generate a unique QR code based on your network details. Download the exclusive QR code and print it out. Place it at your living room area and you’ll never have to give out your WiFi password again!


Play a game while the internet is down

Photo credits to Google Chrome

When your internet connection is down and Google Chrome browser shows you an error page, press the spacebar to start a T-Rex game! Have a game while waiting for the connection to resume.


Switch to ‘Airplane Mode’ to speed up charging

Photo credits to ebuddynews

The easiest way to speed up the charging process is to switch your phone to ‘Airplane Mode’. This is to shut down mobile phone’s connection that runs in the background. Studies show that charging time is reduced up to 25%.


Minimize all open windows except for the active one

Photo credits to 9gag

The coolest way to minimize all the windows except the one that’s active is to shake the window. Click and hold on the frame of your current window, move repetitively and quickly to the left and right. You can also press the ‘Windows key + Home’ to perform the same action.

Make your life easier with these hacks and consider adding these tips to your list of efficiency-boosters!

[Urban Feeds] Time-saving Morning Hacks

March 22, 2019

Always feeling time-strapped during weekday mornings? Switching up your morning routine can help you get more done every day. Here are some great tricks to shorten the morning preparation time.

Plan your outfit in advance

Photo credits to Chuttersnap

Put together a morning playlist

You can cut down a significant amount of preparing time for the day if you know what you’re going to wear. Pick your outfit the night before and place on a separate rack. This is a simple way to avoid that dilemma on what to wear in the morning.

Photo credits to Mariahashby

Create a morning playlist and put it on repeat while you get ready. Music improves your mood and energy level, it can also serve as a way to track how much time has passed with the number of tracks played.

Make a quick breakfast

Toyomi Bread Toaster 2 Slot 800W, $39.90

Simply pop a slice of bread into the toaster and spread one tablespoon of peanut butter and honey on it. Add banana slices and you’re done! Peanut butter contains about 4g of protein and honey contains cancer-fighting properties. Quick and tasty breakfast to fuel your day!

Drink a glass of water

Photo credits to Steve Johnson

Start your day with a glass of water. This helps to rehydrate your body and gives your brain fuel. Drinking water in the morning kick starts your metabolism and helps to flush out toxins from your body. Not only that, water fills you up and curbs your appetite to avoid overeating.

Consolidate essential items in one place

Photo credits to Mink Mingle

Place all the items you need the next day in one place. There’s no need to spend 10 minutes hunting down your keys and bags. Keep everything together and you can leave earlier!

Stay away from gadgets

Photo credits to Freepik

It’s normal to check your phone notifications before getting out of bed. Ignoring these devices can help save time and stress. Excessive technology use has been linked to fatigue and mental health problems. Put away your phone to prevent unnecessary time wasted in the morning.

Stop hitting the snooze button

Photo credits to Freepik

Hitting the snooze button will make yourself feel more tired and the extra 5-10 mins isn’t enough for you to complete a full sleep cycle. It confuses your brain and body clock. That extra sleep you get is fragmented, so you’re not getting much benefits from it.

Follow these few easy adjustments and you can significantly shorten your morning routine!

[Urban Feeds] Cooking Hacks to Prevent Kitchen Disasters

March 15, 2019

Do you want to make cooking much easier and fun? Read on to find out more on how to make cooking at home a total breeze!

Pipe pancakes using a bag

Photo credits to bakencake tools

Fill the pancake batter into a zip lock or pastry bag and cut off one of the corners to make it into a tip. This self-made piping bag allows you to pipe the batter on the pan without spillage and wastage. Let your creative juices flow and make creative shapes of pancake!

Poach eggs in plastic wrap

Photo credits to Buzz Feed

To keep the eggs in place in the pot, simply line a cup with plastic wrap. Spray the wrap with non-stick cooking spray and crack an egg into it. Tie the plastic wrap tightly and submerge the eggs slowly into simmering water. Cook the eggs for 6 minutes and remove the plastic wrap to enjoy nicely poached eggs. Absolutely simple, mess-free and little washing up required.

Grill fish on top of lemon slices

Photo credits to Life Hack

Fish tends to stick on grill pan easily. Prevent this from happening by placing it on top of lemon slices before grilling. The lemon slices not only protect the fillet from the direct heat, it adds flavour to the fish as well!

Chill drinks fast

Photo credits to Top Buzz

Expecting guests and forgot to chill the drinks? A great kitchen hack is to wrap the beverages bottle in wet towels and place them in the freezers. The drinks will be chilled in less than 20 minutes!

Make stale bread fresh again

Photo credits to Wise Bread

Do not throw your bread or baguette away even when it gets stale. Spray some water on its surface and place it in the oven to bake for 10-15 minutes at 150°C. This will help to dry the surface of the bread and it will taste fresh again!

Open oysters fast

Photo credits to Former Chef

No more struggling when you open oysters with this easy hack! Microwave for 10 – 20 seconds so that it requires less force to pry them open.

Remove eggshells easier

Photo credits to Once Upon A Chef

Add baking soda or vinegar to the water when boiling eggs. This help to increase the pH of the egg white, loosening the bond between the inner membrane of the shell. The result is a softer shell and allows you to peel the eggs easily.

Peeling Garlic

Photo credits to Boredom Therapy

If you want to peel garlic quickly, simply put the garlic in a bowl with a lid and shake it hard. When you’re done, you’ll have garlic cloves ready for cooking!

Simplify cooking tasks and cut down on the mess with these hacks! Have fun cooking in the kitchen!

[Urban Feeds] Travel Hacks That Saves You Money, Time & Space

March 8, 2019

If you love to travel, read on to find out useful travel tips that will make your next adventure more awesome than before.

Travel Fare Aggregator Sites

Photo credits to Asia Exchange

Use travel fare aggregator sites such as Skyscanner, to help you look out for the best deals when purchasing air tickets and accommodations. Travel fare aggregator site also provides booking services for flights, hotels, trains and car rentals as well. It is easier to navigate through a world of flights and compare prices with just one portal.

Enable Private Browsing For Cheaper Flights Online

Photo credits to Life Buzz

Always turn on ‘Private Browsing’ for cheaper flights online as airlines sites record your visits by installing cookies on your browser. This causes the prices you’re shown to increase because you’ve searched for those flights before. This is to trick you into buying your flights earlier. Simply avoid this to happen by switching to ‘Private Browsing’ whenever you book flights.

Travel Websites

Photo credits to Klook App

It takes a lot of time and effort to find the right tour or travel activity online. To help speed up the process, you can always rely on travel websites where you can book tours and travel activities all at one go. Check out travel website such as Klook, to discover activities, attractions and things to do wherever you travel at exclusive prices.

Vacuum Seal Bags

Photo credits to Amazon

Get your hands on some vacuum seal bags when packing for your trip. You will be amazed by the number of clothes you can fit into the luggage. Simply use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum out the air. After the bag shrinks, it will be flattened to fit into the luggage and takes up minimal space.


Multi-Plug Extension Cables

Silverlite 3 Pin Portable Socket Extention (3m) – 4 Outlets, $17.90


Bring along a multi-plug so that your devices can be charged all at once. Ensure that all your devices are fully charged when you get back to your accommodation by using a multi-plug. Save the hassle of rotating the devices that need to be charged.

Store Cables In Glasses Case

Photo credits to Life Hacker

Cables get tangled easily as they move around, rubbing against other things in your bag. Glasses case help to keep the cables neat and organised. If you have an extra case lying around, it’s probably the perfect way to store your charger and cables.

Follow these easy travel hacks for hassle-free vacations! Have an awesome one!

[Urban Feeds] Perks of living in Singapore

March 1, 2019

Singapore is not just a little red dot; an affluent country with comfortable living standards, it is no surprise that Singapore has emerged as one of the top countries to live in, read on to find out why!


Photo credits to Honeycombers

Singapore’s transportation system has been rated as the second best in the world. Commuting from one part of Singapore to another is a breeze with 3 modes of transport – Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), buses and taxis that are easily accessible at any part of the city. The extensive rail network means that most of Singapore’s key attractions are within walking distance from an MRT station. As the transport system is designed with a diverse community in mind, major train and bus stations have incorporated handicap-friendly facilities to make every journey a pleasant one.

Affordable Houses

Photo credits to HDB Singapore

Singaporeans enjoy relatively more affordable housing compared to the people staying in other countries. Depending on the individual’s income level, there are various options to choose from, out of which, flats are the most affordable preference among Singaporeans. The proximity to amenities makes flats an attractive choice among most of the Singapore population. And for families who are unable to afford home ownership, the government offers public rental flats.

Hawker Food

Photo credits to Honeycombers

Ask any Singaporean where their favourite food haunt is, and a hawker centre will most likely be the common answer! Hawker centres are the perfect places to enjoy distinct flavours of all the cultures in Singapore. Most of the food dishes found in hawker centres cost between $3 to $4, with some costing as low as  $2.80! Despite high expenses in Singapore, dining can be pocket-friendly as well! Two of Singapore’s hawkers have even bagged a 1 Michelin star each!


Photo credits to The Straits Times

Singapore is a safe country with low crime rates and is famous for its authoritarian management. Enforcement of law is intensive here, which results in law abiding citizens and orderliness of the nation. It is extremely safe as theft and robbery are very uncommon. Singapore even tops the list in the Law and Order Index, ahead of Norway, Iceland and Finland.

Clean City

Photo credits to Red Duck Post

Singapore prides itself on being a clean and green city. Strict laws on littering, spitting on the streets, vandalism and public urination are strongly enforced to keep the streets clean. To keep the city spotless, bins are strategically placed to be spotted easily to prevent the sight of dirty and cluttered streets.

City Skyline

Photo credits to Unsplash

The view is especially beautiful at night as you can find Marina Bay Sands and other iconic structures like Esplanade, Merlion and Helix Bridge. Perfect for an after-dinner stroll! There are just so many places in Singapore where you can enjoy breath-taking views.

Acclaimed as a melting pot of cultures and  recognised as one of Asia’s most liveable cities, Singapore is indeed a vibrant and alluring city to live in as regarded by many!

[Urban Feeds] Space Saving Hacks For Homes

February 21, 2019

With Singapore facing increasing land constraints, new generation homes may not have the luxury of space as compared to before. Hence, it is important to pay attention to the smallest detail in order to save precious space. To get you started, we’ve rounded up tips for making the most out of your home space. Make your space to be a perfect dream home!

Slim Storage

4 Tier Slim Cabinet – Beige, $44.90

This could be the perfect solution to everything! Slim storage doesn’t take up a lot of space and helps you to hide any unwanted gaps. Turn the tiniest bit of space in the house into storage with a compact pull out cabinet. Don’t miss the sliver space between your fridge and oven. It gives you extra space to store your items!

Store Your Shoes in Clear Boxes

Sliding Lid Shoe Box (Pack of 4), $24.90

Manage your closet better by keeping away bulky racks and store your shoes in clear boxes. This arrangement helps to keep shoes organised and make it easy for you to find your favourite pair of shoes when you are in hurry. Sort it all out with the clear boxes so that the area looks neat and tidy. This allows you to retrieve your shoes conveniently.

Add floating shelves. 

Photo credits to placeofmytaste.com

Make more space by hanging shelves on any available wall space. It reduces clutter and provides an element of decoration. Hanging shelves are easy to install and comes in an array of shape and colours hence it is easy to suit any room in a home. A group of coloured shelves can brighten up any dull wall too! Experiment with bold colours to make your kitchen unique!

Hang double bars in your closet

Photo credits to bestlifeonline.com

Simply increase the number of bars in your closest and double your storage space. Mount an extra bar up high to store the clothes that you only need once in a while. Place the clothes that you wear on regular basis at the bottom bar to prevent unnecessary closet war.

Drawer Dividers 

Photo credits to Anne Selke

Drawers easily become a mishmash of belts, socks, and accessories. Imagine the trouble to rummage through an unorganised drawer.  Simply invest in some drawer dividers to segregate items. You’ll spend less time running through your items and accessories looking for what you want. Moreover, you get to store more things while getting every space utilised.

Don’t let space restrictions hold you back! Space can be optimised with hacks in mind. Hopefully, the space saving hacks help you in a way or another. Do also consider the importance of space planning as it will be practical in the long run.

[Urban Feeds] Millennial Dating Trends

February 15, 2019

In 2018, millennial dating glossary has become a rhetorical challenge than a romantic one. Due to the exposure of social media and dating apps, means of communication has changed and so are the dating methods. With the rise of dating apps such as Tinder, people get to meet anyone from all walks of life with just a swipe. This undoubtedly spawned a new species of dating trends. Let’s find out the dating trends of the millennials:


Photo credits to Cosmopolitan

Ghosting is an expression used in dating terms and has the same meaning as silence treatment. It has been renamed to as ‘ghosting’ to reference the disappearance of a potential love interest from your life. In short, the person you’re dating simply cuts off all communication and disappears. This can happen at any stage even if you had a few dates in. It’s a controversial tactic but it’s starting to become more common. Although many believe that ghosting is better for the person they’re ignoring as it doesn’t hurt their feelings by telling them the truth about not wanting to date anymore. But ghosting often leaves another party confused and upset.


Photo credits to Stylist

Just when you thought ghosting was the worst dating trends, orbiting sounds even more horrible. The term refers to that person who disappeared but “keeps you in their orbit,” by engaging with you on social media platforms. The person may still view all your Instagram stories, comment on your new Facebook’s post and favourite your tweet while not returning your messages and phone calls. This behaviour simply is a fine way to make sure you drive yourself and and another party crazy.


Photo credits to Zoosk

Instead of disappearing, breadcrumbing is referring to someone who leads you on to think that they’re into you. Breadcrumbers send sporadic messages and comment on your social media posts with no intention of continuing the conversation. They leave you a trail of breadcrumbs so you think they’re still interested. They enjoying keeping you around for the thrill of their ego boost. Breadcrumbers introduce a sense of falsehood and nobody like this! Majority of people might not even realise that their partner is “breadcrumbing” them right from the start.


Photo credits to CSA Images

This is a term whereby someone pretending to be a totally different person online. A kittenfisher presents themselves unrealistically on their social media platform and dating profile. It could be using heavily edited photos or a picture when they are thinner. They try so hard to put themselves in the best light. Kittenfisher carefully curates their online alter egos but their real selves fall short when meeting in person. This backfires so much.

Dating can be a tough game, that can burn out even the best of us. If any of these trends is relatable to you now, it’s never too late to turn away so you don’t end up with disappointment if your feelings aren’t reciprocated.

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