[Urban Feeds] First world woes – reliance on technology

December 13, 2018

Pick out anyone on the street and they are bound to have a technological device with them. Welcome to the tech world.

Technology has its perks — it has sped up processes by making them less manual, it has provided accessibility by making communication across country borders much more convenient and no doubt it has make our lives much more interesting. Interesting because information can be shared readily and almost instantly especially with social media being so rampant nowadays. With a tap, news spread like wildfire, and not long after, many would have known what you have been up to. Things can go viral and uncontrollable. However, demolishing these negative thoughts, technology has benefited and also contributed to the growth of numerous organisations and companies. Deployed at a significantly larger scale, with the application of technology, processes that were deemed as tedious previously were made even more feasible with the injection of technological advances. The most obvious example is evident in the medical field where highly advanced medical equipment and devices are used for diagnosis. From a business viewpoint, computer applications and lightweight gadgets enable information to be captured fast and precise just like the products and solutions that Microsoft offers.

There are always two sides of a coin and of course technology does have its flaws. As much as we hate to admit it, children these days are more drawn to technological gadgets as compared the previous generations. At a tender age of just 2 years old, they are happily swiping tablets and phones to watch their favourite videos and this comes naturally to them, no one taught them how to do so. This sounds scary but it is evident around us. Thus, this normally results in them plagued with spectacles when they are in primary school, some had to wear them during kindergarten even. Exposing them to technology at a young age makes them more vulnerable and susceptible to the content that is lurking around and once it is picked up, it will be to late to shape their mindset afterwards. Therefore, it is important to inculcate the right values when they are young and if a technological gadget is required during their growing years, close monitoring is definitely needed.

Weighing the pros and cons, technology is clearly vital while living in a first world country. With the absence of technology, there will be a major breakdown in the basics – communication; and communication forms the baseline of the progression of the country. One can’t survive on its own. Success comes when people work with one another, iron out differences and come to an agreement on the next steps moving forward. And all these can’t be done without any phone calls or emails sent out. This is how much reliance there is on technology and it is not necessarily a bad thing.

If you have a chance, detach yourself from technology once in a while to discover and notice the things around you. It will be interesting to know that we could be happier without all the buzzing from phones but not long after, we will realise that we cannot actually live without them. Technology’s been always there for us whenever we need it — a love-hate relationship.

[Urban Feeds] Encapsulating memories digitally or traditionally?

December 6, 2018

At this modern age, the answer that many would choose will definitely be digitally. It’s so convenient to just use phones or cameras to record those significant moments down, and afterwards, share it through social media almost instantaneously. What’s best is, to keep it organised, one just have to create digital albums and sort out the pictures and slot them into the respective albums. Ta-da! You have successfully created memory capsules digitally.

Yes, having the photos and videos stored digitally into respective folders does help one to share it around easily at a click of the mouse. However, reminiscing those memories by browsing through the photos, without having to flip through a physical album does lose its human touch isn’t it? Before the invention of camera phones and digital cameras, film cameras was the way to go. The date and time stamp on each photo gives it an identity. It’s like hey, this was taken at that particular stage of your lives. It helps with the recollection and before you know it, the memories come flooding to you. Its a great feeling to have, to be able to touch and feel the photo while remembering those times playing vividly in your mind. Well, there’s a downside to film cameras though; only one take is allowed. Unlike digital cameras or phones where if you are not happy with whatever that is taken, there’s always a delete button and you can always take another shot. But that also means one thing, the emotions accompanying memories taken traditionally is more intense than digitally because there’s only one chance, one shot.

No matter what, whether digitally or traditionally, there are pros and cons to both. It could be too bulky to store physical photos but at the same time, its more nostalgic to refer to them as compared to digital photos. Depending on one’s preference, these memories should be stored in a place where it is easily accessible so that when at a certain point in time, when you would like to playback those beautiful moments, you can do so without an extra ounce of effort. Polaroids are a good example of how memories can be captured pocket-sized and yet easily kept in compact albums which doesn’t take up much space.

If you are an avid supporter of the traditional way of keeping those memories intact, have them printed into photobooks! Explore Photobook SG for ideas on how to transpose your digital memories into pretty albums to keep!

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With technology advancing at such a rapid speed, who knows, in years to come, memories can possibly be captured with the eyes and recorded somewhere digitally in the human body. Just imagine how fascinating it will be.

[Urban Feeds] Tips and tricks on how to pack for your holiday

November 29, 2018

With school holidays kicking in and the festivities mood lingering, it’s the best time to travel overseas to relax and enjoy the rest of the year. There are many things to consider while packing for the long-awaited holiday of the year; contributing factors include weather, destination, duration of trip etc. Thus, it will be useful to know some useful tips and tricks on how to pack light yet enough for the whole trip.


Photo credits to Unsplash

1. Be practical

Try to pack clothes that will not get wrinkled easily and with them being able to match one another. This way it saves you a lot of trouble without having to iron the clothes before heading out each time, also with the colours being matchy, you can reduce the amount of clothes to bring along which in turn saves luggage space for your souvenirs! If you are going to experience winter, then it is advisable to bring an outerwear that you can count on which doesn’t require you to load on too many layers of clothes, thus reduces the packing. Achieve to only pack the clothes that are essential not fanciful types.


Photo credits to Pinterest/The Pink Diary

2. Adopt a minimalist mindset

Packing light can be a challenge but to maximise the luggage space, it is the best way ahead. Depending on the duration of your holiday, aim to pack only what you need and not what you think you need. Lay out all the items to have a good view of what you intend to bring along. Afterwards, from the stash, pick out those that you feel you can do without during the holiday. Toiletries are most likely not needed if you are staying at a hotel as they will be able to provide you with them throughout your stay. If it is really needed, either bring travel-sized bottles or those disposable sachets which reduces a lot of hassle because it is sealed so tightly there won’t be any leakage. Besides toiletries, shoes are another item that takes up a lot of space in the luggage. It will be best to bring a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes that can match the clothes easily which means you can switch them around simply.


Photo credits to avenueone.sg

3. Make use of smart hacks

There are a lot of travel hacks lurking around the internet, some works while some are not much of a hack. One example of a useful hack – rolling clothes instead of folding them saves a lot of space indeed. However, there’s one downside. Rolling winter clothes doesn’t work as well, thus it is recommended to place them in reusable, re-sealable zipper storage bags and vacuum all the air inside the bags, keeping them as flat as possible. Another useful hack is to wrap your shoes/slippers with shower caps instead of putting them in shoe bags or plastic bags. Shower caps are a better alternative because not only will you be able to know at a glance which footwear you brought, your shoes/slippers will fit snuggly in the shower caps, which saves luggage space again!


Photo credits to smartertravel.com

4. Always be prepared for emergencies

Common illnesses can come knocking on your door unexpectedly when overseas. And at this time, the medicinal kit that you have prepared for the trip will come in handy. Imagine having to find a clinic or pharmacy and subsequently having to do various hand signs when you can’t speak the local language just to get medicine. Eliminate all these trouble by just packing the pills either from your home or get it from nearby pharmacies. Other than medicine, stuff some plasters into the medicinal kit too.

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If you are going on a free and easy trip, you may want to visit the links below to help plan your itinerary better!

KKday – leading e-commerce travel platform that connects travelers with authentic local tours & activities
Rakuten Travel – this site will be useful if you are heading to Japan! It encompasses information about Japan hotels that you may want to check out

Happy holidays everyone!

[Urban Feeds] Black Friday vs Cyber Monday. Do you know the difference?

November 22, 2018

Shopaholics will definitely be familiar with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And for people who don’t, you probably need to start stepping out of your house.

Black Friday happens the day after Thanksgiving and there are a few reasons why it is called Black Friday. Some sources said that its because retailers slash their price so much that they actually go into the ‘black’  and some states that its due to the chaos and violence caused. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving. It was first created by marketing companies to encourage shoppers to shop online. Its known as the less-awesome sibling of Black Friday. Whatever the case, we are not complaining.

In our current digital era, there is really no reason to camp outside your favourite departmental store anymore. Neither will you need to queue for hours to get that little black dress or the latest mobile device that you have been eyeing for the past 11 months. Shopping is such a breeze now at the click of your fingers. Even if you are not a shopaholic, there is no way you will miss the Black Friday deals that wouldn’t stop appearing in your news feed. Are you sure you can resist the temptations?

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No chaos, no violence, just CRAZY deals. And yes for the first time, Monday will not be blue after all and Friday just keeps getting better.

[Urban Feeds] Life Beyond Grades

November 15, 2018

With the education system evolving all the time with the focus drawing away from grades, there seems to be a growing realization that grades don’t define the life path. There has been a movement recently initiated by a group of parents to change the mindset of Singaporeans about grades with the message is communicated via social media; successful people in their own arena sharing the grades they got during their schooling days. It is surprising to find out that most of them did not actually fare very well, but they have managed to carve out their own careers after they have graduated. It is clear and evident that there is so much more to life years later and one is not a failure if grades are lousy. Even if grades fail you, you won’t fail in life subsequently.

It is heartbreaking to also read about young teens taking their own lives because they scored badly. What does this show? Either they have been inculcated the mindset that if they don’t fare well in school, they can’t make it in life or they are giving themselves immense pressure that they felt they didn’t make the cut. No matter the reason, harbouring suicide thoughts reflects the severity of the emphasis placed on grades. The kids could be suffering from depression silently and didn’t have the courage to voice it out to their parents, afraid that they will be reprimanded. Thus, it is important that this society sees that everyone has their own forte and it may not be obvious during the early stages of life.

During the kids’ growing years, they are like sponges and thus more emphasis on core values e.g. perseverance, determination, accountability is perhaps a wiser choice because cultivating these positive mindsets will prep them for the workforce in future and its for the better. Instead of being just book smart, being street smart will encourage them to venture out of their comfort zone, be willing to take risks which will enable them to learn and mature much faster and more effectively. This adaptability is crucial for their survival years later and it will make them believe in themselves and thus grows their desire to win and succeed at all costs. Only with these values taught will they be able to apply in their lives when they get older and will help them in achieving their goals easily.

After the base values are built, it’s then time to fill up the knowledge gaps. It’s never too late to study and learn about anything at all. Yes, one may argue that good education should start young, and its true. However, it is imperative to understand that learning is never enough so why stress them when they are young? Kids should be entitled to a happy childhood so that when they look back when they are much older, they can proudly say that their childhood was fun and enjoyable, instead of having to share that their childhood is all books and no play. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, isn’t it?

Once the kids have grown up and have a mind of their own, they will be able to decide for themselves on the career path they want to be on and thus gear them towards pursuing the required knowledge for them to clinch the job that they want. Pursuing something that they like will make studying an enjoyable and not a dreadful journey. Before pursuing a study programme, courses could be explored first to understand the specialisation better before diving into them full time. If you are interested in self improvement in any way, feel free to check out the various courses that Udemy offers by clicking on the banner below.

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Well, hope this piece can bring some light that grades ultimately doesn’t define who you are and how you will fare in the later part of your life. If you resonate with this, spread the word around. Cheers to happy kids!

[Urban Feeds] Are books going to be extinct?

November 8, 2018

With technology advancing at a furious speed, many people seek convenient solutions to make full use of the day. Yes, it is true that transforming books into ebooks solve a lot of first world problems; one doesn’t have to lug bulky books everywhere they go, one doesn’t have to worry spillage on the books, one doesn’t have to allocate space for the books bought in cupboards. Condensing all these contents into a kindle/phone does bring heaps of convenience and ease to people either on the go or people who simply enjoy reading but yet are advocates of minimalism.

There are two different schools of thought approaching this topic. Some prefer paper-back books because they love the idea of flipping through pages and that musty book smell and of course the enjoyment of collecting interesting bookmarks. However, some prefer e-books because they will be able to access the content anytime and anywhere they want, its literally knowledge at their fingertips. Both sides have their own opinions and there will always going to be demand for paper-back books because the touch and feel of books at one’s hands is immensely different as compared to holding a technological device, swiping left to ‘flip’ the pages. Besides, reading from a book is definitely treating the eyes better as opposed to reading from a screen that emits strong light which is harmful for the eyes.

At various stages of life, there are bountiful opportunities to access to a diverse range of books especially for the school curriculum. Right from the age of 3 or 4, colouring books are already introduced and as the time progresses, the type of books evolves and contains so much more knowledge that one can derive so much more wisdom by extracting information from them. With the freedom of being able to pen down thoughts relating to a particular paragraph or even highlighting compelling phrases that appeals, heightens the level of learning and sensibility. But if there comes one day when one is stripped of this freedom expressing thoughts in the books that they own, coupled with the fact that this activity can never be replicated with ebooks, then honestly there is no fun in reading anymore. Children will not be able to experience the fun in flipping the pages, not knowing what they will be presented with in the next few pages. The illustrations on ebooks will not be the same as cloth books because at a stage where their sensory instincts are at their optimum, and if they are exposed to cold, hard devices, they will not be able to experience the joy in touching and feeling the texture of books, which is really a pity.

Let’s not make paper-books extinct and deprive the future generation of the happiness of flipping through chapters and chapters, penning down their thoughts in books. For young kids when they are at their learning curve, get them books so that they won’t be too reliant on technology as they grow older because in a matter of time, when they are in their teens, they will be glued to their phones anyway.

If you are sold and would like to prevent paper-back books from going extinct (like dinosaurs), good news! There’s a 20% discount off the books that are on UrbanFox store from now till 18th November. Simply apply LUVBOOKS to enjoy this promotion! Other than UrbanFox store, you may like to check out Kinokuniya for its wide selection of books too. And well, if after reading this and you are still inclined to ebooks then perhaps you would want to check out Scribd where you can access a wide database of various genres of books. There’s a 30 day free trial if you are interested. Click here to find out more about Scribd!

Well, the ever famous quote ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ will lose its meaning if paper-back books are going to be extinct.

[Urban Feeds] Why is 11.11 such a big event in the e-commerce world?

November 1, 2018

11.11 was originally celebrated as ‘Singles Day’ as the representation of the numbers seem to resemble people standing side by side. It is a day whereby singles buy gifts to pamper themselves with and celebrate singlehood. However, this day has evolved in recent years and it is widely known as a massive shopping festival with the term ‘Double 11’ originating from China. It all started when Alibaba ran a huge marketing event in 2009 pushing ‘Double 11’ deals online. The rapid influence of this significant shopping day has infiltrated to many, especially in the e-commerce world, and it is crowned as the biggest annual online shopping fiesta. There will normally be attractive discounts and interesting campaigns rolled out during this period and consumers will tend to purchase during this period as the prices are too attractive to resist.

As compared to 10.10 and 12.12, 11.11 has the greatest impact in the e-commerce world. Reason being the impression of it as the biggest annual shopping event is intensively marketed and encrypted deep in the minds of the consumers. The marketing dollars pumped into this global extravaganza has achieved its desired effect with many consumers patiently waiting for this period to strike off to-buy items on their shopping list. Thus, from a consumer viewpoint, it is wise to camp for huge discounts when the clock strikes twelve on this highly anticipated shopping day. On a side point, many companies will try to engage consumers by releasing teasers building up to the actual 11.11. It will be a good opportunity to take this opportunity to look out for deals during the week leading to 11.11 and thereafter. 11.11 is almost of similar scale as Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale so if you are yearning to get something, this is a good chance to browse through the e-commerce sites and bag the bargains that appeals to you!

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[Urban Feeds] Tips on Marathon Running

October 25, 2018

(Feature photo credits to JustRunLah!)

Marathon running is a sport enjoyed by many.  Somehow participating in marathons gives this sense of achievement crossing the finishing line but sometimes if one slacks on the preparation before the run, the pains come haunting after. If you are an avid runner who is participating in the upcoming Standard Chartered Marathon, here are a few pointers that you would like to consider taking up during your prep for your upcoming marathon and who knows, you could perhaps clock your personal best!

1-2 months before the marathon

Photo credits to Unsplash

Start to plan your training routine by adding on the running distance covered week by week. If possible, incorporate swimming into your training regime to help with your breathing during the run. If marathon running is new to you, start small. Your first run should be of a comfortable distance that you can handle and perhaps subsequently increase the distance thereafter. In my opinion, increasing the running distance by 5km after every 2 runs is quite a good pace. For example, you have clocked 3km for your first run, you can remain the same distance for your second run and for your third run, up the game to 8km, so on and so forth.  Now you will wonder how often should I run? Personally, I feel 2 times a week is sufficient but if you can’t, don’t fret. One time per week is also good enough to keep the momentum going.Well, the distances mentioned above varies depending on the marathon distance that you have signed up for. For regular runners training for a half/full marathon, you need to increase >5km after every 2 runs, maybe even increase 5km after every run so that you would have ran at least 80% – 90% of the distance that you have signed up for.

Other than training for the distance that you have set out for, take care of your health by getting sufficient rest whenever you feel tired. Do take note not to over exert during this crucial period; you don’t want to end up having to forfeit the run because of an injury. Eat well and sleep well.

A week before the marathon

Photo credits to misstamchiak

This applies especially for 21km or 42.195km runners. Gradually load your diet with more carbohydrates. One can’t emphasize on this enough. You will be burning quite a hefty amount of calories during the run and you don’t want your body to send hungry signals to your brain during the running course. When you load on carbs, you are building glycogen in your muscles and you need glycogen during the run. This is because during the marathon, both glycogen and fat are burned to provide your body with the energy, but it is harder to convert fats to fuel thus glycogen plays a vital role. When glycogen runs out, your body will have no choice but to slow down and start to burn fats into energy, which means your running speed will decrease just to make way for this. Therefore, loading on carbs will contribute greatly to you being able to clock your personal best without having to overwork your body.

Also during this week, try not to run long distances so as to keep your legs in tip top condition for the marathon. If you feel you need to run, limit yourself to short runs of 15-20 mins.

One day before the marathon

Photo credits to Unsplash

Other than continuing the carbo-loading practice, hydrate yourself well. Drink plenty of fluids before the marathon to prevent possible dehydration during the run. You will notice that when there is sufficient hydration, you will tend not to rely so much on the water points that are present during the course and it is much more pleasant because to slow down and drink and then pick up the pace after every water point can be quite draining after a while.

On marathon day

Photo credits to Unsplash

Wear comfortable and familiar running gear. It is not wise to wear your new running shoes, socks or some new running equipment that you will struggle with during the run. Not only will it impede your progress, it may pose as a hazard to you. Tie the shoelaces right to prevent your feet from slipping which may cause runner’s toe. It is scary to wake up to black toenails when its not even halloween fellas! For competitive runners who would like to track your progress during the course, have a reliable running assistant e.g. Garmin Forerunner series by your side and keep track of your running pace.

Upon reaching the venue, do proper warm up exercises. Take all the time that you need. If you don’t warm up properly, you will suffer later trust me. Been there, done that.

Keep your spirits high during the run! Listen to some music using your bluetooth earphone if it helps with your pace and breathe through your mouth to get as much oxygen as you can in one breath, plus there’s less tension as compared to breathing through your nostrils. Most importantly, enjoy the run to the fullest!

Right after completing your run, don’t forget to do some cool down exercises as well by stretching those muscles so that you don’t ache so much the next day. Once you have reached home, shower and have a long, good sleep. Hydrate yourself too!

One day after marathon day

Congratulations! By now, reality should have set in that you have completed a marathon which you felt it was unbelievable on race day because the aches have arrived. Don’t worry, they will go away after a day or two. Before your start your training for the next race, please rest at least a week to ensure your body has fully recovered from the race.

Disclaimer – you don’t have to follow the above pointers strictly but hope the above pointers give you some direction on what to do and what not to. Ultimately, its your own body and you know it best. Listen to your body during the run and don’t over exert.

On a ending note, running does not only help with your health, it is also contributes to your emotional health. Read this book ‘Run For Your Life’ to find out more.

Signing off,
Resident Fox

[Urban Feeds] How to keep a healthy lifestyle and diet

October 11, 2018

Every person I asked has his/her own ideas on how to keep healthy and have a balanced diet. And the recent keto diet trend is so popular that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. So, does it take a lot of effort to keep a healthy lifestyle and diet? Well the answer is No.

If you are not aiming to have those crazy bods with defined lines (that you can literally swipe your credit cards with), then honestly it is not hard to feel light all the time. Achieve a right balance with the activities that you love to do and indulge in the food that you love occasionally is absolutely fine. I will be sharing some points that you can consider adopting on your journey of discovering that inner healthy guru in you.

1. Make Simple Swaps

Swap coke with coke zero, bubble tea with hot tea, kopi with kopi O and so on. It’s these simple changes that you can start with which you will feel a huge difference in the long run. Other than working on reducing the sugar in your diet, you can also take baby steps in your daily commute by working those legs. Instead of taking the escalator, brave the stairs! The best part about taking the stairs – you don’t have to be standing so close to strangers on the escalator and avoid unpleasant circumstances when they decided to just stop right in front of you when exiting. Burn more calories climbing stairs, so that you won’t feel guilty having a heavy lunch afterwards. These changes don’t take a lot of effort so what are you waiting for? Adopt them today!

2. Choose Nutritious Foods

Taking in nutritious foods like granola, health beverages not only keeps you full longer, it can aid in digestion, contributing to your overall well-being. In addition, the consumption of such foods will keep you alert and energetic throughout the day, beating off the zzz monster. When time goes by, your body will appreciate it and reward you in ways that you can never imagine. As you start to reap these benefits gradually, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet will not be a chore as it comes naturally to you, almost like an innate ability.

3. Build up your immunity

If you still love your sinful foods and is unwilling to swap it for anything, then build up your immunity to combat the evil forces that can’t wait to bring down your body system. Train your army of immunity soldiers with vitamin C and superfoods and incorporate it into your daily routine. You are the commander of your own army – always fight to win your enemy and always be prepared. Nuff said.

4. Engage in activities for the mind and body

Depending on your personality, some prefer to sweat it out by doing kickboxing, zumba, muay thai, while others prefer yoga, pilates etc. Its entirely up to you in terms of the level of intensity you would prefer. However, no matter which activity you chose in the end, it will all lead to one thing a healthy mind and body.


After having said so much, I do hope the above information that is shared will spur you on in pursuing a healthy lifestyle and diet. Health is wealth so take care of yourselves because life has so much in plan for you to explore and enjoy.


Signing off,

Resident Fox

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