[Urban Feeds] Millennial Dating Trends

February 15, 2019

In 2018, millennial dating glossary has become a rhetorical challenge than a romantic one. Due to the exposure of social media and dating apps, means of communication has changed and so are the dating methods. With the rise of dating apps such as Tinder, people get to meet anyone from all walks of life with just a swipe. This undoubtedly spawned a new species of dating trends. Let’s find out the dating trends of the millennials:


Photo credits to Cosmopolitan

Ghosting is an expression used in dating terms and has the same meaning as silence treatment. It has been renamed to as ‘ghosting’ to reference the disappearance of a potential love interest from your life. In short, the person you’re dating simply cuts off all communication and disappears. This can happen at any stage even if you had a few dates in. It’s a controversial tactic but it’s starting to become more common. Although many believe that ghosting is better for the person they’re ignoring as it doesn’t hurt their feelings by telling them the truth about not wanting to date anymore. But ghosting often leaves another party confused and upset.


Photo credits to Stylist

Just when you thought ghosting was the worst dating trends, orbiting sounds even more horrible. The term refers to that person who disappeared but “keeps you in their orbit,” by engaging with you on social media platforms. The person may still view all your Instagram stories, comment on your new Facebook’s post and favourite your tweet while not returning your messages and phone calls. This behaviour simply is a fine way to make sure you drive yourself and and another party crazy.


Photo credits to Zoosk

Instead of disappearing, breadcrumbing is referring to someone who leads you on to think that they’re into you. Breadcrumbers send sporadic messages and comment on your social media posts with no intention of continuing the conversation. They leave you a trail of breadcrumbs so you think they’re still interested. They enjoying keeping you around for the thrill of their ego boost. Breadcrumbers introduce a sense of falsehood and nobody like this! Majority of people might not even realise that their partner is “breadcrumbing” them right from the start.


Photo credits to CSA Images

This is a term whereby someone pretending to be a totally different person online. A kittenfisher presents themselves unrealistically on their social media platform and dating profile. It could be using heavily edited photos or a picture when they are thinner. They try so hard to put themselves in the best light. Kittenfisher carefully curates their online alter egos but their real selves fall short when meeting in person. This backfires so much.

Dating can be a tough game, that can burn out even the best of us. If any of these trends is relatable to you now, it’s never too late to turn away so you don’t end up with disappointment if your feelings aren’t reciprocated.

[Urban Feeds] Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2019

Every February 14, many presents are exchanged between loved ones with this month often celebrated as a month of romance.

While it is nice to enjoy a sumptuous meal with your partner, top it up with a gift to make the day complete!

For Her

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Fashion Accessories & Jewellery
For a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift, choose fashion accessories or jewellery pieces that could possibly represent your love story. From earrings, necklaces to bracelets, they’re excellent gift choices. Add some sparkle to their collection of accessories! Shop a range of fashion accessories at Her Jewellery!


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For Him

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Men deserve a little something special too, win him over with the games that he had always wanted. You can always join him in a game or two over the weekends instead of hanging out in malls or catching a movie!




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[Urban Feeds] Do’s & Don’ts During Lunar New Year 2

January 31, 2019

Chinese New Year is a time when age-old superstitions are observed by Chinese household as traditions. These superstitions add flavour to the festive celebrations. However, have you wondered what are some of the significance behind them? Read on to find out more!


Photo credits to Rock The Trend

Choose Gifts Wisely 
Aside from red packets, gifts are also usually brought to relatives and friends during visiting. Here are some of the gifts you should avoid bringing for your family and loved ones – Clocks, books and pears. Clocks are the worst gifts. it has a homophone of paying one’s last respects (送终) and pears mean separation. You’re encouraged to give them hampers, health supplements & tea


Photo credits to The Woks Of Life

Eating Dumplings
Dumplings are the traditional dish for Chinese during Chinese New Year. It has the shape of an ancient silver & gold ingot which symbolises wealth. It is believed that more dumplings you eat, the more money you will make next year. Some families handmade dumplings and insert a coin in a random dumpling. Whoever eats it will have great luck that year!


Photo credits to ShopBack

Giving Red Packets
In the new year, red packets are given to the younger generation as a blessing and protecting them from sickness. Giving money during the new year is lucky for the person receiving the money, and for the person giving it.



Photo credits to Freepik

Use Of Sharp Objects 
Sharp objects are believed to cut away your stream of wealth and success. In olden times, this was to give women a break. Objects such as knives and scissors shouldn’t be used. This is also the reason why salons are closed on the new year as hair cutting is a taboo.


Photo credits to Unsplash.com

Avoid taking medicine
Try to avoid taking medicine to prevent falling sick the entire year. Traditions believe that doing so may fall sick frequently and barely recover. Other related taboos included visiting the doctors and undergoing surgery. However, if one is really unwell, immediate healthcare should still come first.


Photo credits to philipstein.com

Giving New Year Blessings To Someone Still In Bed
It is unlucky to greet anyone in their bedroom. Give new year blessings after the recipient got out of their bed. Otherwise, it is believed that they will be bed-ridden for the entire year. Moreover, do not wake others who are asleep, they will be bossed around and nervous all year round.

Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday of the year for many Chinese, hereby wishing everyone a prosperous year ahead! Huat ah!




[Urban Feeds] Do’s & Don’ts During Lunar New Year

January 24, 2019

With the Lunar New Year arriving on 5th February, here are some traditions that we should know. Although some families no longer follow these traditions, but there isn’t any harm to be mindful of our manners during this festive season. Read on to find out more!


Photo credits to drawingninja.com

Spring Cleaning
It is believed that spring cleaning help to chase all the bad fortune of the preceding year. A clean house makes room for incoming good luck. Families can take this chance to get rid of old and unwanted stuffs in the house. For those who’re too lazy to do so, you can always rely on kaodim – your one-stop service to screen vendors who can help you with it! If you’re looking to do it yourself, fret not, with the help of the correct cleaning products, cleaning can be easy too! Don’t forget to put up new year decorations as well!


Photo credits to Freepik

Buy New Clothes
Welcome the New Year with new clothes as it symbolises a fresh new start and is believed to advert any misfortune. Choose something red to wear as the colour red signifies happiness and good luck. Be spoilt for choices when you shop your new year clothes at Zalora and The Tinsel Rack. Hurry and get your new year outfits ready!


Photo credits to weokie.org

Repay All Your Debts
Bad debts will affect your wealth in the new year. In traditional believing, clearing debts have the same meaning of “closing the books” and allow you to start life afresh on a new year. Won’t you want to celebrate new year without a worry? Begin the new year with a clean state to avoid misgiving!


Photo credits to popmama.com

Sweep the floor 
Using a broom to sweep the floor is not allowed during Chinese New Year. It’s a tradition that believes if you do so, good luck and good fortune will be swept away. Leave the sweeping and cleaning out on the first day of a new year. Let’s not risk it and keep the broom away!


Photo credits to Freepik

Wearing of black/white clothes
Majority of the people love dressing up in black as no doubts it flatters most of the body shapes. However, in Chinese tradition, black/white represents death and mourning. The colours are associated with funerals and many inauspicious things. Definitely not a great way to usher the new year!


Photo credits to nomliving.com

Break any bowls/plates 
Never break a bowl or plate during Chinese New Year. The Chineses believe that it will result in the loss of wealth or split among the family. If shattering one unheedingly, fragments should be collected carefully and wrapped in red cloth before disposal on the fifth day of new year.

While these superstitious do not seem to have a basis in concrete facts, no harm give them a try! Your new year may bound to be healthy and prosperous!

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[Urban Feeds] Open Electricity Market. More Savings?

January 16, 2019

Open electricity market (OEM) – What is it really about? 

Here’s what you need to know!
Starting from November 2018, households in Singapore are given a choice to pick their choice of electricity retailers. This is part of Energy Market Authority (EMA) effort to liberalise the electricity market in Singapore. This allows households to purchase electricity apart from SP Group. Simply put, buying electricity will become similar to choosing mobile phone plans.

Benefits of Open electricity market (OEM)
With the introduction of open electricity market, consumers can benefit from the better prices offered by different retailers. Consumers get to choose the appropriate plan based on their consumption habits. With the strong competition between different retailers, consumer also gets to enjoy all the promotional rewards given to them.

What to consider before switching over?
There are typically 2 plans for consumers to choose from – Discount off regulated tariff and fixed price. Discount off regulated tariff offers a discount off the prevailing regulated tariff price and subject to being revised every quarterly. Fixed price plans require consumers to pay a fixed rate as long as the duration of their contract. Now that you understand how the price plan works, you can consider which one suits your household the most. However, this is not compulsory, you can still continue to purchase electricity from SP Group. There isn’t a deadline to switch over as well!

List Of Retailers
Below are the retailers that consumers can buy their electricity from:

Photo credits to openelectricitymarket.sg

Now with different retailers coming to the market providing us with competitive rates, everyone should not stop being conscious when we use electricity. Always switch off appliances when not using and shop for energy-saving appliances. That being said, you will definitely see a difference in your electricity bills!


[Urban Feeds] Trends Of The Millennial

January 11, 2019

Trends of the millennial changes rapidly over the years. They are in a communal environment where peers discover new experiences and try out new trends together. Let’s find out what are the few trends for the past few years:

  • Bubble Tea

Photo credits to Yahoo Singapore

The bubble tea trend started way before. Back in the 2000s, bubble tea chain stores such as Sweet Talk could be found everywhere in town and heartlands. It came a long way although it died down soon after leading to the burst of the bubble. In recent years, new bubble tea brands came along and got the millennial hook for years till today! The trend just won’t quit, millennial will wait in a crazy queue just to get their bubble tea cravings fixed!

  • Cheese Tart

Photo credits to Good Food

Over the years, there’s a relentless wave of Japanese food fads. One of the top trends is none other than the Baked Cheese Tart. These sweet-savoury bakes filled with almost runny filling has found new fans here. Crazy queues and two-hour long wait didn’t stop them from trying out. Sad to say that the trend was not as long-lived as bubble-teas. Both the crowd and queue has subsided drastically.

  • Korean Beauty & Makeup

Photo credits to newmakeupjdi.co

A growing number of millennial got infatuated with K-pop and K-drama leading to the rise of Korean beauty trends. This revolution of Korean beauty trends came to Singapore and dominated the industry. All the Korean beauty and makeup chain could be easily seen in the majority of shopping malls in Singapore. Korean beauty products can also be found in beauty stores such as Sephora. Korea sets the bar on what’s hot and what’s not in beauty, hence we’ve got all reason to believe that this trend is gonna stay!

  • Dad’s Sneaker

Photo credits to Pinterest

The classic “dad’s sneaker” is back in action again! Even fashion icons/celebrity such as Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian has been spotted wearing these sneakers frequently. The dad’s sneaker trended started way beyond 20 years ago, these shoes became a true hit again. These sneakers are in tuned with the oversized and loose fit trend. Big brands such as Yezzy, Calvin Klein and are still dropping new sneakers collection. Looks like this trend is not going away any time soon!

As this demographic group of young individuals continue to grow, new trends will always surface.  Who knows which trend will kick a storm again this year. Let’s keep a lookout!

[Urban Feeds] 5 Health Myths Debunked

January 3, 2019

Bust those hearsay and read on to find out what is true and what is not. Let’s give you a helping hand on your journey to achieving better health this year.

1. Having a glass of water before brushing your teeth
There is a misconception that it is harmful to drink water before brushing your teeth because there’s bacteria in your saliva. However, this is definitely not of a concern because when the bacteria reaches your stomach, the high acid content will kill the bacteria thus it does not do you any harm. In fact, drinking water before brushing your teeth kick starts your body for the day. It helps to get rid of toxins which is beneficial for your skin and strengthens immunity which lets you fight germs and diseases better. Moreover, it speeds up metabolism with faster digestion and helps in weight loss because water takes up a part and makes you eat lesser for breakfast. So down that glass of water every morning when you wake up!

2. Bird’s nest is not just expensive bird’s saliva
It’s more than saliva. The saliva comes from make swiftlets in preparation for their partner to lay eggs and yes the nest is entirely made out of his saliva. Yes it doesn’t sound all that nice but amazing isn’t it? These saliva-nests actually contain a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for all young and old! It is rich in calcium, iron, potassium, protein and the list goes on. Plus, it is doesn’t taste too bad so why not have it? Bag some home and reap those benefits now! Check out Sing Yan’s bird nest here at 10% off.

3. A multivitamin a day keeps the doctor away
Yes we all need our vitamins and it is kind of impossible to derive all from natural foods. So a multivitamin does the trick. There are various schools of thought regarding consuming multivitamins but if it is working for you then continue to do so. If you feel otherwise, perhaps try to eat a diet filled with fruits, greens, multi grains and nuts. Multigrain can be easily consumed with just a glass of Kinohitmisu Superfood+ everyday. Every serving of goodness contains 22 types of multigrain and a variety of nutrients and vitamins packed in it! Get yours here at 10% off for a limited time period only.

4. Drinking tea everyday improves health
Packed with antioxidants,drinking tea helps to maintain youth and lower your risk of infections. It ultimately contributes to a better heart health. Tea also contains lesser caffeine as compared to coffee. Lesser caffeine means it prevents you from feeling all jittery and yet enables you to get the kick of energy when needed. Besides consuming tea also helps to boost your immune system in fighting germs and viruses more effectively. Be a step closer to achieving better health by getting your tea supply here at 10% off!

5. Eat just one egg per day
Heck that! Yes, cholesterol is found in egg yolks but as long as consumption is moderated, it’s all good! And having more than one egg per day doesn’t mean your risk of getting heart disease is increased, it all depends on how your daily diet is like. Besides, there is omega-3 in eggs and it lowers the risk of heart disease even! If you are still concerned on the intake of cholesterol, skip the yolk and eat the white. A word of caution though – if you currently have some health concerns, go easy on the eggs, too much is not good for your body either. Moderation is the key.

Cheers to a healthy 2019! Remember, health is wealth!

[Urban Feeds] Have you set your NY resolutions?

December 27, 2018

As we bid goodbye to 2018 and kickstart the year ahead, it’s time to set new year resolutions, to achieve new personal goals in the coming year. New year resolutions set the direction ahead and help us to work towards our goals, which is vital to success whether at work or personal level. Here’s a suggestion – focus on setting small and manageable resolutions to make yourself feel good. Following are some new year resolutions you can try setting for 2019:

• Self-Improvement
Never stop learning! This is a simple reminder to everyone that we should not stop learning. What makes us different from other creatures on the planet is our abilities to learn new things. So, if you’ve always wanted to pick up a new skill, don’t be afraid to enrol in a class! It doesn’t have to be big, as long as it makes you feel good! Find out what classes you can sign up for at Udemy by clicking the banner below.

• Travel
Always remember to unwind for your daily work. Book a trip and explore a new country! Connect with people of different cultures and you get to see daily life challenges from different perspectives. These experiences often makes us appreciate our homeland more. Before any trip, do take note to buy travel insurance. Explore Direct Asia for their travel insurance plans.

Direct Asia Insurance

• Self-Care
Take good care by scheduling frequent checkups so as to keep yourself at the pink of health. Eat well and sleep well. Getting regular good night sleep is important to perform daily tasks. Eat at regular hours, cut down food/drinks that are high in sugar content. Exercise regularly and take short walks occasionally to clear your mind!

• Live in the moment
Make 2019 a year that you live in the moment! Be mindful of your time together even though it is just a dinner with families or night out with friends. Resist the urge to pick up the phone as everyone benefits from the quality time spent together. Try social media detoxing every now and then, disconnect from technology and chill out. Spend more time with families and show your parents that they’re important to you. Nothing beats the warmth of a happy family!

Remember to set aside time to track your goals, make it into a chart to look at and place it somewhere you can see every day! You’ll get motivated every time you see the progress! Give yourself grace even if you fall short!

[Urban Feeds] Need help with Christmas Gift Ideas?

December 20, 2018

Tis the season of giving and with Christmas being a few days away, have you done your Christmas shopping? If not, there’s still time to do some last minute shopping and here’s some suggestions on gift ideas for the different types of people around you.

1. Colleagues

Well the type of gifts depends on how close you are with your colleagues. If its the not-so-close kind, consider buying safe options like travel items e.g. passport holders, travel organisers, luggage tags etc. These items won’t go wrong because who doesn’t like to travel right? Other than travel items, get gift cards or vouchers so that he/she can then get what he/she wants, rather than you having to scratch your head and ponder what to buy. Although it may seem that it is lacking some sincerity with gift cards and vouchers but it is still better off than potentially getting a gift that he/she may not like. So when buying for your fellow colleague, always go for the safest and never-go-wrong option to keep the relationship, you never know when you need his/her help when the need arises.

2. Friends

This is the tricky group to buy for. You are supposedly aware of the likes and dislikes and it is normal to have friends expecting a certain level of gifts from you. If you remember and are aware of what not to buy for your friends, good for you. If not, refresh your memory by going to their social media platforms and perform a mini research on the taboo items not to get and get a feel of what he/she likes to determine what you are going to buy for them. If you need some advice on what to get for friends whom you haven’t known for long, first, classify them according to their interests. If they are the sporty kind, pop into a sports shop and get some accessories e.g. water bottle, gym bag, cap etc. If they are the artsy farsty type, grab some acrylic paint, canvas, brushes or even do art jamming with them! For friends who are obsessed with taking countless photos and posting them on social media, get them those lenses that they can attach to their phones for more effects. Party animals will love loud clothes and bling accessories while homely ones prefer gifts like aromatic diffuser/candles, fancy coasters and personalised mugs etc. Browse StyleDeco for more home and living gift ideas. No matter the type, they will definitely like the gift that you bought for them because you guys are friends! Friends like you for who you are and thus will naturally like what you get.

3. Parents

Ok. This is on another level. Truthfully speaking, whatever gifts that you get for your parents, they will love it. They will be delighted at the simplest gifts that you get for them. The best gift idea for them are products that are health-related because it is the most practical of all. Everyone wants their parents to be at the pink of health always. Splurge on health supplements for the joints and bones or tonics like bird’s nest, lingzhi etc. If your parents are not into gifts, bring them out to a nice fancy restaurant and have a good meal – not only does it fill their tummies, there’s quality time spent while the family is together.  Explore Swisse on UrbanFox store!

4. Partners/Spouses

Ahem. Trust that you have the gift in mind for your other halves, if not, just spend some quiet time together or embark on a short vacation. It is hard to suggest gift ideas for this group because the dynamics are different for different couples! However, if there must be a gift, for girls, get him something really practical – something that he uses on a regular basis. For guys, get something from her favourite brand, she will absolutely adore it. But do bear in mind, as much as you would want to pamper him/her with gifts, be realistic and set a budget for it. Well ultimately you both need to save up for rainy days ahead right?

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and happy shopping for those who haven’t.  As for those who have done the shopping, have fun gifting and unwrapping presents this Christmas! Ho ho ho! Have a great one!

[Urban Feeds] First world woes – reliance on technology

December 13, 2018

Pick out anyone on the street and they are bound to have a technological device with them. Welcome to the tech world.

Technology has its perks — it has sped up processes by making them less manual, it has provided accessibility by making communication across country borders much more convenient and no doubt it has make our lives much more interesting. Interesting because information can be shared readily and almost instantly especially with social media being so rampant nowadays. With a tap, news spread like wildfire, and not long after, many would have known what you have been up to. Things can go viral and uncontrollable. However, demolishing these negative thoughts, technology has benefited and also contributed to the growth of numerous organisations and companies. Deployed at a significantly larger scale, with the application of technology, processes that were deemed as tedious previously were made even more feasible with the injection of technological advances. The most obvious example is evident in the medical field where highly advanced medical equipment and devices are used for diagnosis. From a business viewpoint, computer applications and lightweight gadgets enable information to be captured fast and precise just like the products and solutions that Microsoft offers.

There are always two sides of a coin and of course technology does have its flaws. As much as we hate to admit it, children these days are more drawn to technological gadgets as compared the previous generations. At a tender age of just 2 years old, they are happily swiping tablets and phones to watch their favourite videos and this comes naturally to them, no one taught them how to do so. This sounds scary but it is evident around us. Thus, this normally results in them plagued with spectacles when they are in primary school, some had to wear them during kindergarten even. Exposing them to technology at a young age makes them more vulnerable and susceptible to the content that is lurking around and once it is picked up, it will be to late to shape their mindset afterwards. Therefore, it is important to inculcate the right values when they are young and if a technological gadget is required during their growing years, close monitoring is definitely needed.

Weighing the pros and cons, technology is clearly vital while living in a first world country. With the absence of technology, there will be a major breakdown in the basics – communication; and communication forms the baseline of the progression of the country. One can’t survive on its own. Success comes when people work with one another, iron out differences and come to an agreement on the next steps moving forward. And all these can’t be done without any phone calls or emails sent out. This is how much reliance there is on technology and it is not necessarily a bad thing.

If you have a chance, detach yourself from technology once in a while to discover and notice the things around you. It will be interesting to know that we could be happier without all the buzzing from phones but not long after, we will realise that we cannot actually live without them. Technology’s been always there for us whenever we need it — a love-hate relationship.

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