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[Urban Feeds] Time-saving Morning Hacks

March 22, 2019

Always feeling time-strapped during weekday mornings? Switching up your morning routine can help you get more done every day. Here are some great tricks to shorten the morning preparation time. Plan your outfit in advance Photo credits to Chuttersnap Put together a morning playlist You can cut down a significant amount of preparing time for the […]

[Urban Feeds] Cooking Hacks to Prevent Kitchen Disasters

March 15, 2019

Do you want to make cooking much easier and fun? Read on to find out more on how to make cooking at home a total breeze! Pipe pancakes using a bag Photo credits to bakencake tools Fill the pancake batter into a zip lock or pastry bag and cut off one of the corners to make it into […]

[Urban Feeds] Travel Hacks That Saves You Money, Time & Space

March 8, 2019

If you love to travel, read on to find out useful travel tips that will make your next adventure more awesome than before. Travel Fare Aggregator Sites Photo credits to Asia Exchange Use travel fare aggregator sites such as Skyscanner, to help you look out for the best deals when purchasing air tickets and accommodations. […]

[Urban Feeds] Perks of living in Singapore

March 1, 2019

Singapore is not just a little red dot; an affluent country with comfortable living standards, it is no surprise that Singapore has emerged as one of the top countries to live in, read on to find out why! Transportation Photo credits to Honeycombers Singapore’s transportation system has been rated as the second best in the world. […]

[Urban Feeds] Space Saving Hacks For Homes

February 21, 2019

With Singapore facing increasing land constraints, new generation homes may not have the luxury of space as compared to before. Hence, it is important to pay attention to the smallest detail in order to save precious space. To get you started, we’ve rounded up tips for making the most out of your home space. Make your space […]

[Urban Feeds] Millennial Dating Trends

February 15, 2019

In 2018, millennial dating glossary has become a rhetorical challenge than a romantic one. Due to the exposure of social media and dating apps, means of communication has changed and so are the dating methods. With the rise of dating apps such as Tinder, people get to meet anyone from all walks of life with just a swipe. This undoubtedly spawned […]

[Urban Feeds] Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2019

Every February 14, many presents are exchanged between loved ones with this month often celebrated as a month of romance. While it is nice to enjoy a sumptuous meal with your partner, top it up with a gift to make the day complete! For Her Flowers Ladies will always have a soft spot for flowers! Flowers […]

[Urban Feeds] Do’s & Don’ts During Lunar New Year 2

January 31, 2019

Chinese New Year is a time when age-old superstitions are observed by Chinese household as traditions. These superstitions add flavour to the festive celebrations. However, have you wondered what are some of the significance behind them? Read on to find out more! Do’s Photo credits to Rock The Trend Choose Gifts Wisely  Aside from red packets, […]

[Urban Feeds] Do’s & Don’ts During Lunar New Year

January 24, 2019

With the Lunar New Year arriving on 5th February, here are some traditions that we should know. Although some families no longer follow these traditions, but there isn’t any harm to be mindful of our manners during this festive season. Read on to find out more! Do’s Photo credits to drawingninja.com Spring Cleaning It is believed […]

[Urban Feeds] Open Electricity Market. More Savings?

January 16, 2019

Open electricity market (OEM) – What is it really about?  Here’s what you need to know! Starting from November 2018, households in Singapore are given a choice to pick their choice of electricity retailers. This is part of Energy Market Authority (EMA) effort to liberalise the electricity market in Singapore. This allows households to purchase […]

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Find out about the eClub events and roadshows that the UrbanFox team has put together.

[Urban Events] UrbanFox eClub Movie Screening

October 12, 2018

Our first movie screening was a success! Customers who have bought from UrbanFox store for a minimum of $50 per transaction were entitled to a pair of movie tickets to this exclusive screening of the Marvel movie (Venom). This was held at Golden Village (Vivocity) on 4th October. Before streaming into the movie theatre, we […]

[Urban Events] OCBC Centre Roadshow

October 9, 2018

October kicked off with the roadshow at OCBC Centre which was held on 9th October. The turnout was great with many enquiries on the benefits of the products that Banyi Marketing has showcased. With the increasing importance of looking after one’s health, the products that were displayed caught the attention of the OCBC staff, which […]

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