An employees' retail therapy programme

The UrbanFox eClub (Employee Club) is a programme developed by UrbanFox to provide companies an avenue to engage and reward their employees. We believe that retail therapy aids in boosting creativity, relaxation and promoting social connection amongst employees for a positive working environment. Our programme centers on providing company-centric shopping premiums across a wide range of products on UrbanFox Store –

As a company, you will be able to offer your employees fringe benefits at zero cost and have the opportunity to sell your products to them via our platform. As an employee, you will enjoy value for money deals, put together by your company and our team.

We also create and execute campaigns together with your organisation to engage employees. Through such campaigns, we are able to complement positive reinforcement and encourage growth and productivity spontaneously.

UrbanFox Store

UrbanFox owns and operates an online retail store. The store caters primarily to B2B & B2E transactions. Through our partnerships with various companies, associations & independent clubs/communities, we offer our eClub members preferred purchase rates across a wide range of products. We also offer different payment modes on our store.


Enjoy benefits such as company-centric promotions, exclusive group buy deals and jointly crafted thematic campaigns.


Engage in activities such as contests, giveaways and participate in our loyalty program to enjoy privileges and action-based reward schemes.


Engage your employees by selling your products and/or services to them, host or participate in offline retail events and co-organise corporate events with us.


Issue UrbanFox Store vouchers to your employees as a form of recognition and good performance incentives. Reward them during their birthday or include it your new hire welcome kit.

B2B Retailing

Enjoy bulk purchase options across brands on UrbanFox Store and apply for different payment modes. Use our platform to cross-sell to other retailers and companies.

Join UrbanFox eClub programme

If you are a company who is looking at enhancing the benefits of your employees, get in touch to find out how you can join our programme at zero cost!