Christmas is undoubtedly the most wonderful time of the year filled with joy and surprises! Immersing into the festive spirit, we have decided to do something special for the different eClub companies by setting up Christmas trees at their premises. With the presence of the trees, other than adding onto the joyous atmosphere, we wish that it has sparked off curiosity among them too.

Apart from the usual ornaments, what makes the trees distinct are the special gift tags. The gift tags contain promotional codes that can be utilised for purchases at UrbanFox Store. Employees of the different companies can simply scan the QR codes in the respective gift tags to reveal the different promotional codes. Gift ideas are placed in boxes at the foot of the Christmas trees to provide some suggestions on the type of presents to get this gifting season. To top it off, sample products kindly sponsored by sellers from UrbanFox store are also planted at the various trees as a surprise for the staff.

We are heartened to receive good responses from the various eClub companies. It is great to know that everyone had fun scanning to find out the promotional codes and many are surprised at the variety and practicality of the samples given!

If you find this interesting and would like to be part of the next campaign, share with your HR and give us a nudge here to be part of UrbanFox eClub!