11.11 was originally celebrated as ‘Singles Day’ as the representation of the numbers seem to resemble people standing side by side. It is a day whereby singles buy gifts to pamper themselves with and celebrate singlehood. However, this day has evolved in recent years and it is widely known as a massive shopping festival with the term ‘Double 11’ originating from China. It all started when Alibaba ran a huge marketing event in 2009 pushing ‘Double 11’ deals online. The rapid influence of this significant shopping day has infiltrated to many, especially in the e-commerce world, and it is crowned as the biggest annual online shopping fiesta. There will normally be attractive discounts and interesting campaigns rolled out during this period and consumers will tend to purchase during this period as the prices are too attractive to resist.

As compared to 10.10 and 12.12, 11.11 has the greatest impact in the e-commerce world. Reason being the impression of it as the biggest annual shopping event is intensively marketed and encrypted deep in the minds of the consumers. The marketing dollars pumped into this global extravaganza has achieved its desired effect with many consumers patiently waiting for this period to strike off to-buy items on their shopping list. Thus, from a consumer viewpoint, it is wise to camp for huge discounts when the clock strikes twelve on this highly anticipated shopping day. On a side point, many companies will try to engage consumers by releasing teasers building up to the actual 11.11. It will be a good opportunity to take this opportunity to look out for deals during the week leading to 11.11 and thereafter. 11.11 is almost of similar scale as Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale so if you are yearning to get something, this is a good chance to browse through the e-commerce sites and bag the bargains that appeals to you!

What are you waiting for? Whip out your credit cards and spree away on this biggest shopping occasion! UrbanFox store is currently running a few promotional campaigns during this blazing event. There will be items going at $11 and special discounts for selected product types e.g. bags and travel, alcohol and baby. Click on the banner below and shop away! To make the deals sweeter, receive $11 when a minimum of $50 is spent in a transaction.

Be prepared for an eventful day and be overwhelmed with irresistible deals!

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4. Reebonz (extra 18% OFF (min. $800) with 18SPLURGE3)

5. Ohvola (free delivery with orders above SGD100)

4. Sephora (10% off your first purchase)

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