Bust those hearsay and read on to find out what is true and what is not. Let’s give you a helping hand on your journey to achieving better health this year.

1. Having a glass of water before brushing your teeth
There is a misconception that it is harmful to drink water before brushing your teeth because there’s bacteria in your saliva. However, this is definitely not of a concern because when the bacteria reaches your stomach, the high acid content will kill the bacteria thus it does not do you any harm. In fact, drinking water before brushing your teeth kick starts your body for the day. It helps to get rid of toxins which is beneficial for your skin and strengthens immunity which lets you fight germs and diseases better. Moreover, it speeds up metabolism with faster digestion and helps in weight loss because water takes up a part and makes you eat lesser for breakfast. So down that glass of water every morning when you wake up!

2. Bird’s nest is not just expensive bird’s saliva
It’s more than saliva. The saliva comes from make swiftlets in preparation for their partner to lay eggs and yes the nest is entirely made out of his saliva. Yes it doesn’t sound all that nice but amazing isn’t it? These saliva-nests actually contain a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for all young and old! It is rich in calcium, iron, potassium, protein and the list goes on. Plus, it is doesn’t taste too bad so why not have it? Bag some home and reap those benefits now! Check out Sing Yan’s bird nest here at 10% off.

3. A multivitamin a day keeps the doctor away
Yes we all need our vitamins and it is kind of impossible to derive all from natural foods. So a multivitamin does the trick. There are various schools of thought regarding consuming multivitamins but if it is working for you then continue to do so. If you feel otherwise, perhaps try to eat a diet filled with fruits, greens, multi grains and nuts. Multigrain can be easily consumed with just a glass of Kinohitmisu Superfood+ everyday. Every serving of goodness contains 22 types of multigrain and a variety of nutrients and vitamins packed in it! Get yours here at 10% off for a limited time period only.

4. Drinking tea everyday improves health
Packed with antioxidants,drinking tea helps to maintain youth and lower your risk of infections. It ultimately contributes to a better heart health. Tea also contains lesser caffeine as compared to coffee. Lesser caffeine means it prevents you from feeling all jittery and yet enables you to get the kick of energy when needed. Besides consuming tea also helps to boost your immune system in fighting germs and viruses more effectively. Be a step closer to achieving better health by getting your tea supply here at 10% off!

5. Eat just one egg per day
Heck that! Yes, cholesterol is found in egg yolks but as long as consumption is moderated, it’s all good! And having more than one egg per day doesn’t mean your risk of getting heart disease is increased, it all depends on how your daily diet is like. Besides, there is omega-3 in eggs and it lowers the risk of heart disease even! If you are still concerned on the intake of cholesterol, skip the yolk and eat the white. A word of caution though – if you currently have some health concerns, go easy on the eggs, too much is not good for your body either. Moderation is the key.

Cheers to a healthy 2019! Remember, health is wealth!