Shopaholics will definitely be familiar with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And for people who don’t, you probably need to start stepping out of your house.

Black Friday happens the day after Thanksgiving and there are a few reasons why it is called Black Friday. Some sources said that its because retailers slash their price so much that they actually go into the ‘black’  and some states that its due to the chaos and violence caused. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving. It was first created by marketing companies to encourage shoppers to shop online. Its known as the less-awesome sibling of Black Friday. Whatever the case, we are not complaining.

In our current digital era, there is really no reason to camp outside your favourite departmental store anymore. Neither will you need to queue for hours to get that little black dress or the latest mobile device that you have been eyeing for the past 11 months. Shopping is such a breeze now at the click of your fingers. Even if you are not a shopaholic, there is no way you will miss the Black Friday deals that wouldn’t stop appearing in your news feed. Are you sure you can resist the temptations?

To further tempt you, UrbanFox store will be running a series of Black Friday deals! Brands on discount includes Logitech, Edifier, Belkin, Samsung, Cooler Master, Razer, Midea, Toyomi and more!  The deals doesn’t stop here….remember to look out for our Cyber Monday deals this coming Monday! Do you know that we have recently launched our loyalty program? Shop, Earn and Save on your next purchase. Now, that is a good reason to shop!

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Since you are already shopping, why not check out the Black Friday deals from the following retailers:

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  2. Esprit SG
  3. Onvola (SG)
  4. Pomelo Fashion (SG)
  5. The Tinsel Rack (SG)
  6. Stylodeco (SG)

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No chaos, no violence, just CRAZY deals. And yes for the first time, Monday will not be blue after all and Friday just keeps getting better.