With technology advancing at a furious speed, many people seek convenient solutions to make full use of the day. Yes, it is true that transforming books into ebooks solve a lot of first world problems; one doesn’t have to lug bulky books everywhere they go, one doesn’t have to worry spillage on the books, one doesn’t have to allocate space for the books bought in cupboards. Condensing all these contents into a kindle/phone does bring heaps of convenience and ease to people either on the go or people who simply enjoy reading but yet are advocates of minimalism.

There are two different schools of thought approaching this topic. Some prefer paper-back books because they love the idea of flipping through pages and that musty book smell and of course the enjoyment of collecting interesting bookmarks. However, some prefer e-books because they will be able to access the content anytime and anywhere they want, its literally knowledge at their fingertips. Both sides have their own opinions and there will always going to be demand for paper-back books because the touch and feel of books at one’s hands is immensely different as compared to holding a technological device, swiping left to ‘flip’ the pages. Besides, reading from a book is definitely treating the eyes better as opposed to reading from a screen that emits strong light which is harmful for the eyes.

At various stages of life, there are bountiful opportunities to access to a diverse range of books especially for the school curriculum. Right from the age of 3 or 4, colouring books are already introduced and as the time progresses, the type of books evolves and contains so much more knowledge that one can derive so much more wisdom by extracting information from them. With the freedom of being able to pen down thoughts relating to a particular paragraph or even highlighting compelling phrases that appeals, heightens the level of learning and sensibility. But if there comes one day when one is stripped of this freedom expressing thoughts in the books that they own, coupled with the fact that this activity can never be replicated with ebooks, then honestly there is no fun in reading anymore. Children will not be able to experience the fun in flipping the pages, not knowing what they will be presented with in the next few pages. The illustrations on ebooks will not be the same as cloth books because at a stage where their sensory instincts are at their optimum, and if they are exposed to cold, hard devices, they will not be able to experience the joy in touching and feeling the texture of books, which is really a pity.

Let’s not make paper-books extinct and deprive the future generation of the happiness of flipping through chapters and chapters, penning down their thoughts in books. For young kids when they are at their learning curve, get them books so that they won’t be too reliant on technology as they grow older because in a matter of time, when they are in their teens, they will be glued to their phones anyway.

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Well, the ever famous quote ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ will lose its meaning if paper-back books are going to be extinct.