In 2018, millennial dating glossary has become a rhetorical challenge than a romantic one. Due to the exposure of social media and dating apps, means of communication has changed and so are the dating methods. With the rise of dating apps such as Tinder, people get to meet anyone from all walks of life with just a swipe. This undoubtedly spawned a new species of dating trends. Let’s find out the dating trends of the millennials:


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Ghosting is an expression used in dating terms and has the same meaning as silence treatment. It has been renamed to as ‘ghosting’ to reference the disappearance of a potential love interest from your life. In short, the person you’re dating simply cuts off all communication and disappears. This can happen at any stage even if you had a few dates in. It’s a controversial tactic but it’s starting to become more common. Although many believe that ghosting is better for the person they’re ignoring as it doesn’t hurt their feelings by telling them the truth about not wanting to date anymore. But ghosting often leaves another party confused and upset.


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Just when you thought ghosting was the worst dating trends, orbiting sounds even more horrible. The term refers to that person who disappeared but “keeps you in their orbit,” by engaging with you on social media platforms. The person may still view all your Instagram stories, comment on your new Facebook’s post and favourite your tweet while not returning your messages and phone calls. This behaviour simply is a fine way to make sure you drive yourself and and another party crazy.


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Instead of disappearing, breadcrumbing is referring to someone who leads you on to think that they’re into you. Breadcrumbers send sporadic messages and comment on your social media posts with no intention of continuing the conversation. They leave you a trail of breadcrumbs so you think they’re still interested. They enjoying keeping you around for the thrill of their ego boost. Breadcrumbers introduce a sense of falsehood and nobody like this! Majority of people might not even realise that their partner is “breadcrumbing” them right from the start.


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This is a term whereby someone pretending to be a totally different person online. A kittenfisher presents themselves unrealistically on their social media platform and dating profile. It could be using heavily edited photos or a picture when they are thinner. They try so hard to put themselves in the best light. Kittenfisher carefully curates their online alter egos but their real selves fall short when meeting in person. This backfires so much.

Dating can be a tough game, that can burn out even the best of us. If any of these trends is relatable to you now, it’s never too late to turn away so you don’t end up with disappointment if your feelings aren’t reciprocated.