Creating your own home decor can be rewarding! You get the satisfaction of making it yourself and having it to turn out the way you want it to be! Read on to find out some interesting home decoration ideas!

Mason Jar Portraits

Photo credits to Shutterfly

Have some extra mason jars to spare at home? You can easily turn them into creative frames or your favourite photos! Print them out and place them inside mason jars then invert the jars. You can easily swap the photos out when you need a change! The perfect item to spice up your coffee table!


Twine Wrapped Bottles

Photo credits to Shutterfly

Recycle your unwanted beer bottles and turn them into simple rustic decorative items for your home. Simply wrap twine around the bottles and throw some florals in as standalone decoration to jazz up the dining table!


Polaroid Gallery Wall

Photo credits to Shutterfly

Decorate part of your empty white wall by making a polaroid gallery wall. Display photos with rich colours, including candid shots from your vacations or gatherings with friends and families! You may also purchase your polaroid and films from Fujifilm at UrbanFox Store here!


Colourful Painted Pillows

Photo credits to Fabric Paper Glue

Decorate your plain pillow cover with fabric paint and allow your creative juices flow! Draw and paint anything you like and brighten your living room or bedroom. Try this with your family members and spend some quality time together!


Spray Tins

Photo credits to The Sea Mom Man

Recycle your unwanted tins and turned them into pretty flowerpots. Get some spray paint and coat it with your favourite colours. You can transform these cans into pretty and useful items to decorate and personalise both your home and garden!

Make the most out of your unwanted items and turn them into something useful and valuable! Have fun exploring the home decoration ideas!