Chinese New Year is a time when age-old superstitions are observed by Chinese household as traditions. These superstitions add flavour to the festive celebrations. However, have you wondered what are some of the significance behind them? Read on to find out more!


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Choose Gifts Wisely 
Aside from red packets, gifts are also usually brought to relatives and friends during visiting. Here are some of the gifts you should avoid bringing for your family and loved ones – Clocks, books and pears. Clocks are the worst gifts. it has a homophone of paying one’s last respects (送终) and pears mean separation. You’re encouraged to give them hampers, health supplements & tea


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Eating Dumplings
Dumplings are the traditional dish for Chinese during Chinese New Year. It has the shape of an ancient silver & gold ingot which symbolises wealth. It is believed that more dumplings you eat, the more money you will make next year. Some families handmade dumplings and insert a coin in a random dumpling. Whoever eats it will have great luck that year!


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Giving Red Packets
In the new year, red packets are given to the younger generation as a blessing and protecting them from sickness. Giving money during the new year is lucky for the person receiving the money, and for the person giving it.



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Use Of Sharp Objects 
Sharp objects are believed to cut away your stream of wealth and success. In olden times, this was to give women a break. Objects such as knives and scissors shouldn’t be used. This is also the reason why salons are closed on the new year as hair cutting is a taboo.


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Avoid taking medicine
Try to avoid taking medicine to prevent falling sick the entire year. Traditions believe that doing so may fall sick frequently and barely recover. Other related taboos included visiting the doctors and undergoing surgery. However, if one is really unwell, immediate healthcare should still come first.


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Giving New Year Blessings To Someone Still In Bed
It is unlucky to greet anyone in their bedroom. Give new year blessings after the recipient got out of their bed. Otherwise, it is believed that they will be bed-ridden for the entire year. Moreover, do not wake others who are asleep, they will be bossed around and nervous all year round.

Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday of the year for many Chinese, hereby wishing everyone a prosperous year ahead! Huat ah!