With the Lunar New Year arriving on 5th February, here are some traditions that we should know. Although some families no longer follow these traditions, but there isn’t any harm to be mindful of our manners during this festive season. Read on to find out more!


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Spring Cleaning
It is believed that spring cleaning help to chase all the bad fortune of the preceding year. A clean house makes room for incoming good luck. Families can take this chance to get rid of old and unwanted stuffs in the house. For those who’re too lazy to do so, you can always rely on kaodim – your one-stop service to screen vendors who can help you with it! If you’re looking to do it yourself, fret not, with the help of the correct cleaning products, cleaning can be easy too! Don’t forget to put up new year decorations as well!


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Buy New Clothes
Welcome the New Year with new clothes as it symbolises a fresh new start and is believed to advert any misfortune. Choose something red to wear as the colour red signifies happiness and good luck. Be spoilt for choices when you shop your new year clothes at Zalora and The Tinsel Rack. Hurry and get your new year outfits ready!


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Repay All Your Debts
Bad debts will affect your wealth in the new year. In traditional believing, clearing debts have the same meaning of “closing the books” and allow you to start life afresh on a new year. Won’t you want to celebrate new year without a worry? Begin the new year with a clean state to avoid misgiving!


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Sweep the floor 
Using a broom to sweep the floor is not allowed during Chinese New Year. It’s a tradition that believes if you do so, good luck and good fortune will be swept away. Leave the sweeping and cleaning out on the first day of a new year. Let’s not risk it and keep the broom away!


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Wearing of black/white clothes
Majority of the people love dressing up in black as no doubts it flatters most of the body shapes. However, in Chinese tradition, black/white represents death and mourning. The colours are associated with funerals and many inauspicious things. Definitely not a great way to usher the new year!


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Break any bowls/plates 
Never break a bowl or plate during Chinese New Year. The Chineses believe that it will result in the loss of wealth or split among the family. If shattering one unheedingly, fragments should be collected carefully and wrapped in red cloth before disposal on the fifth day of new year.

While these superstitious do not seem to have a basis in concrete facts, no harm give them a try! Your new year may bound to be healthy and prosperous!

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