At this modern age, the answer that many would choose will definitely be digitally. It’s so convenient to just use phones or cameras to record those significant moments down, and afterwards, share it through social media almost instantaneously. What’s best is, to keep it organised, one just have to create digital albums and sort out the pictures and slot them into the respective albums. Ta-da! You have successfully created memory capsules digitally.

Yes, having the photos and videos stored digitally into respective folders does help one to share it around easily at a click of the mouse. However, reminiscing those memories by browsing through the photos, without having to flip through a physical album does lose its human touch isn’t it? Before the invention of camera phones and digital cameras, film cameras was the way to go. The date and time stamp on each photo gives it an identity. It’s like hey, this was taken at that particular stage of your lives. It helps with the recollection and before you know it, the memories come flooding to you. Its a great feeling to have, to be able to touch and feel the photo while remembering those times playing vividly in your mind. Well, there’s a downside to film cameras though; only one take is allowed. Unlike digital cameras or phones where if you are not happy with whatever that is taken, there’s always a delete button and you can always take another shot. But that also means one thing, the emotions accompanying memories taken traditionally is more intense than digitally because there’s only one chance, one shot.

No matter what, whether digitally or traditionally, there are pros and cons to both. It could be too bulky to store physical photos but at the same time, its more nostalgic to refer to them as compared to digital photos. Depending on one’s preference, these memories should be stored in a place where it is easily accessible so that when at a certain point in time, when you would like to playback those beautiful moments, you can do so without an extra ounce of effort. Polaroids are a good example of how memories can be captured pocket-sized and yet easily kept in compact albums which doesn’t take up much space.

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With technology advancing at such a rapid speed, who knows, in years to come, memories can possibly be captured with the eyes and recorded somewhere digitally in the human body. Just imagine how fascinating it will be.