Pick out anyone on the street and they are bound to have a technological device with them. Welcome to the tech world.

Technology has its perks — it has sped up processes by making them less manual, it has provided accessibility by making communication across country borders much more convenient and no doubt it has make our lives much more interesting. Interesting because information can be shared readily and almost instantly especially with social media being so rampant nowadays. With a tap, news spread like wildfire, and not long after, many would have known what you have been up to. Things can go viral and uncontrollable. However, demolishing these negative thoughts, technology has benefited and also contributed to the growth of numerous organisations and companies. Deployed at a significantly larger scale, with the application of technology, processes that were deemed as tedious previously were made even more feasible with the injection of technological advances. The most obvious example is evident in the medical field where highly advanced medical equipment and devices are used for diagnosis. From a business viewpoint, computer applications and lightweight gadgets enable information to be captured fast and precise just like the products and solutions that Microsoft offers.

There are always two sides of a coin and of course technology does have its flaws. As much as we hate to admit it, children these days are more drawn to technological gadgets as compared the previous generations. At a tender age of just 2 years old, they are happily swiping tablets and phones to watch their favourite videos and this comes naturally to them, no one taught them how to do so. This sounds scary but it is evident around us. Thus, this normally results in them plagued with spectacles when they are in primary school, some had to wear them during kindergarten even. Exposing them to technology at a young age makes them more vulnerable and susceptible to the content that is lurking around and once it is picked up, it will be to late to shape their mindset afterwards. Therefore, it is important to inculcate the right values when they are young and if a technological gadget is required during their growing years, close monitoring is definitely needed.

Weighing the pros and cons, technology is clearly vital while living in a first world country. With the absence of technology, there will be a major breakdown in the basics – communication; and communication forms the baseline of the progression of the country. One can’t survive on its own. Success comes when people work with one another, iron out differences and come to an agreement on the next steps moving forward. And all these can’t be done without any phone calls or emails sent out. This is how much reliance there is on technology and it is not necessarily a bad thing.

If you have a chance, detach yourself from technology once in a while to discover and notice the things around you. It will be interesting to know that we could be happier without all the buzzing from phones but not long after, we will realise that we cannot actually live without them. Technology’s been always there for us whenever we need it — a love-hate relationship.