With the education system evolving all the time with the focus drawing away from grades, there seems to be a growing realization that grades don’t define the life path. There has been a movement recently initiated by a group of parents to change the mindset of Singaporeans about grades with the message is communicated via social media; successful people in their own arena sharing the grades they got during their schooling days. It is surprising to find out that most of them did not actually fare very well, but they have managed to carve out their own careers after they have graduated. It is clear and evident that there is so much more to life years later and one is not a failure if grades are lousy. Even if grades fail you, you won’t fail in life subsequently.

It is heartbreaking to also read about young teens taking their own lives because they scored badly. What does this show? Either they have been inculcated the mindset that if they don’t fare well in school, they can’t make it in life or they are giving themselves immense pressure that they felt they didn’t make the cut. No matter the reason, harbouring suicide thoughts reflects the severity of the emphasis placed on grades. The kids could be suffering from depression silently and didn’t have the courage to voice it out to their parents, afraid that they will be reprimanded. Thus, it is important that this society sees that everyone has their own forte and it may not be obvious during the early stages of life.

During the kids’ growing years, they are like sponges and thus more emphasis on core values e.g. perseverance, determination, accountability is perhaps a wiser choice because cultivating these positive mindsets will prep them for the workforce in future and its for the better. Instead of being just book smart, being street smart will encourage them to venture out of their comfort zone, be willing to take risks which will enable them to learn and mature much faster and more effectively. This adaptability is crucial for their survival years later and it will make them believe in themselves and thus grows their desire to win and succeed at all costs. Only with these values taught will they be able to apply in their lives when they get older and will help them in achieving their goals easily.

After the base values are built, it’s then time to fill up the knowledge gaps. It’s never too late to study and learn about anything at all. Yes, one may argue that good education should start young, and its true. However, it is imperative to understand that learning is never enough so why stress them when they are young? Kids should be entitled to a happy childhood so that when they look back when they are much older, they can proudly say that their childhood was fun and enjoyable, instead of having to share that their childhood is all books and no play. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, isn’t it?

Once the kids have grown up and have a mind of their own, they will be able to decide for themselves on the career path they want to be on and thus gear them towards pursuing the required knowledge for them to clinch the job that they want. Pursuing something that they like will make studying an enjoyable and not a dreadful journey. Before pursuing a study programme, courses could be explored first to understand the specialisation better before diving into them full time. If you are interested in self improvement in any way, feel free to check out the various courses that Udemy offers by clicking on the banner below.

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Well, hope this piece can bring some light that grades ultimately doesn’t define who you are and how you will fare in the later part of your life. If you resonate with this, spread the word around. Cheers to happy kids!