Tis the season of giving and with Christmas being a few days away, have you done your Christmas shopping? If not, there’s still time to do some last minute shopping and here’s some suggestions on gift ideas for the different types of people around you.

1. Colleagues

Well the type of gifts depends on how close you are with your colleagues. If its the not-so-close kind, consider buying safe options like travel items e.g. passport holders, travel organisers, luggage tags etc. These items won’t go wrong because who doesn’t like to travel right? Other than travel items, get gift cards or vouchers so that he/she can then get what he/she wants, rather than you having to scratch your head and ponder what to buy. Although it may seem that it is lacking some sincerity with gift cards and vouchers but it is still better off than potentially getting a gift that he/she may not like. So when buying for your fellow colleague, always go for the safest and never-go-wrong option to keep the relationship, you never know when you need his/her help when the need arises.

2. Friends

This is the tricky group to buy for. You are supposedly aware of the likes and dislikes and it is normal to have friends expecting a certain level of gifts from you. If you remember and are aware of what not to buy for your friends, good for you. If not, refresh your memory by going to their social media platforms and perform a mini research on the taboo items not to get and get a feel of what he/she likes to determine what you are going to buy for them. If you need some advice on what to get for friends whom you haven’t known for long, first, classify them according to their interests. If they are the sporty kind, pop into a sports shop and get some accessories e.g. water bottle, gym bag, cap etc. If they are the artsy farsty type, grab some acrylic paint, canvas, brushes or even do art jamming with them! For friends who are obsessed with taking countless photos and posting them on social media, get them those lenses that they can attach to their phones for more effects. Party animals will love loud clothes and bling accessories while homely ones prefer gifts like aromatic diffuser/candles, fancy coasters and personalised mugs etc. Browse StyleDeco for more home and living gift ideas. No matter the type, they will definitely like the gift that you bought for them because you guys are friends! Friends like you for who you are and thus will naturally like what you get.

3. Parents

Ok. This is on another level. Truthfully speaking, whatever gifts that you get for your parents, they will love it. They will be delighted at the simplest gifts that you get for them. The best gift idea for them are products that are health-related because it is the most practical of all. Everyone wants their parents to be at the pink of health always. Splurge on health supplements for the joints and bones or tonics like bird’s nest, lingzhi etc. If your parents are not into gifts, bring them out to a nice fancy restaurant and have a good meal – not only does it fill their tummies, there’s quality time spent while the family is together.  Explore Swisse on UrbanFox store!

4. Partners/Spouses

Ahem. Trust that you have the gift in mind for your other halves, if not, just spend some quiet time together or embark on a short vacation. It is hard to suggest gift ideas for this group because the dynamics are different for different couples! However, if there must be a gift, for girls, get him something really practical – something that he uses on a regular basis. For guys, get something from her favourite brand, she will absolutely adore it. But do bear in mind, as much as you would want to pamper him/her with gifts, be realistic and set a budget for it. Well ultimately you both need to save up for rainy days ahead right?

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and happy shopping for those who haven’t.  As for those who have done the shopping, have fun gifting and unwrapping presents this Christmas! Ho ho ho! Have a great one!