Singapore is not just a little red dot; an affluent country with comfortable living standards, it is no surprise that Singapore has emerged as one of the top countries to live in, read on to find out why!


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Singapore’s transportation system has been rated as the second best in the world. Commuting from one part of Singapore to another is a breeze with 3 modes of transport – Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), buses and taxis that are easily accessible at any part of the city. The extensive rail network means that most of Singapore’s key attractions are within walking distance from an MRT station. As the transport system is designed with a diverse community in mind, major train and bus stations have incorporated handicap-friendly facilities to make every journey a pleasant one.

Affordable Houses

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Singaporeans enjoy relatively more affordable housing compared to the people staying in other countries. Depending on the individual’s income level, there are various options to choose from, out of which, flats are the most affordable preference among Singaporeans. The proximity to amenities makes flats an attractive choice among most of the Singapore population. And for families who are unable to afford home ownership, the government offers public rental flats.

Hawker Food

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Ask any Singaporean where their favourite food haunt is, and a hawker centre will most likely be the common answer! Hawker centres are the perfect places to enjoy distinct flavours of all the cultures in Singapore. Most of the food dishes found in hawker centres cost between $3 to $4, with some costing as low as  $2.80! Despite high expenses in Singapore, dining can be pocket-friendly as well! Two of Singapore’s hawkers have even bagged a 1 Michelin star each!


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Singapore is a safe country with low crime rates and is famous for its authoritarian management. Enforcement of law is intensive here, which results in law abiding citizens and orderliness of the nation. It is extremely safe as theft and robbery are very uncommon. Singapore even tops the list in the Law and Order Index, ahead of Norway, Iceland and Finland.

Clean City

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Singapore prides itself on being a clean and green city. Strict laws on littering, spitting on the streets, vandalism and public urination are strongly enforced to keep the streets clean. To keep the city spotless, bins are strategically placed to be spotted easily to prevent the sight of dirty and cluttered streets.

City Skyline

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The view is especially beautiful at night as you can find Marina Bay Sands and other iconic structures like Esplanade, Merlion and Helix Bridge. Perfect for an after-dinner stroll! There are just so many places in Singapore where you can enjoy breath-taking views.

Acclaimed as a melting pot of cultures and  recognised as one of Asia’s most liveable cities, Singapore is indeed a vibrant and alluring city to live in as regarded by many!