As we bid goodbye to 2018 and kickstart the year ahead, it’s time to set new year resolutions, to achieve new personal goals in the coming year. New year resolutions set the direction ahead and help us to work towards our goals, which is vital to success whether at work or personal level. Here’s a suggestion – focus on setting small and manageable resolutions to make yourself feel good. Following are some new year resolutions you can try setting for 2019:

• Self-Improvement
Never stop learning! This is a simple reminder to everyone that we should not stop learning. What makes us different from other creatures on the planet is our abilities to learn new things. So, if you’ve always wanted to pick up a new skill, don’t be afraid to enrol in a class! It doesn’t have to be big, as long as it makes you feel good! Find out what classes you can sign up for at Udemy by clicking the banner below.

• Travel
Always remember to unwind for your daily work. Book a trip and explore a new country! Connect with people of different cultures and you get to see daily life challenges from different perspectives. These experiences often makes us appreciate our homeland more. Before any trip, do take note to buy travel insurance. Explore Direct Asia for their travel insurance plans.

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• Self-Care
Take good care by scheduling frequent checkups so as to keep yourself at the pink of health. Eat well and sleep well. Getting regular good night sleep is important to perform daily tasks. Eat at regular hours, cut down food/drinks that are high in sugar content. Exercise regularly and take short walks occasionally to clear your mind!

• Live in the moment
Make 2019 a year that you live in the moment! Be mindful of your time together even though it is just a dinner with families or night out with friends. Resist the urge to pick up the phone as everyone benefits from the quality time spent together. Try social media detoxing every now and then, disconnect from technology and chill out. Spend more time with families and show your parents that they’re important to you. Nothing beats the warmth of a happy family!

Remember to set aside time to track your goals, make it into a chart to look at and place it somewhere you can see every day! You’ll get motivated every time you see the progress! Give yourself grace even if you fall short!