With Singapore facing increasing land constraints, new generation homes may not have the luxury of space as compared to before. Hence, it is important to pay attention to the smallest detail in order to save precious space. To get you started, we’ve rounded up tips for making the most out of your home space. Make your space to be a perfect dream home!

Slim Storage

4 Tier Slim Cabinet – Beige, $44.90

This could be the perfect solution to everything! Slim storage doesn’t take up a lot of space and helps you to hide any unwanted gaps. Turn the tiniest bit of space in the house into storage with a compact pull out cabinet. Don’t miss the sliver space between your fridge and oven. It gives you extra space to store your items!

Store Your Shoes in Clear Boxes

Sliding Lid Shoe Box (Pack of 4), $24.90

Manage your closet better by keeping away bulky racks and store your shoes in clear boxes. This arrangement helps to keep shoes organised and make it easy for you to find your favourite pair of shoes when you are in hurry. Sort it all out with the clear boxes so that the area looks neat and tidy. This allows you to retrieve your shoes conveniently.

Add floating shelves. 

Photo credits to placeofmytaste.com

Make more space by hanging shelves on any available wall space. It reduces clutter and provides an element of decoration. Hanging shelves are easy to install and comes in an array of shape and colours hence it is easy to suit any room in a home. A group of coloured shelves can brighten up any dull wall too! Experiment with bold colours to make your kitchen unique!

Hang double bars in your closet

Photo credits to bestlifeonline.com

Simply increase the number of bars in your closest and double your storage space. Mount an extra bar up high to store the clothes that you only need once in a while. Place the clothes that you wear on regular basis at the bottom bar to prevent unnecessary closet war.

Drawer Dividers 

Photo credits to Anne Selke

Drawers easily become a mishmash of belts, socks, and accessories. Imagine the trouble to rummage through an unorganised drawer.  Simply invest in some drawer dividers to segregate items. You’ll spend less time running through your items and accessories looking for what you want. Moreover, you get to store more things while getting every space utilised.

Don’t let space restrictions hold you back! Space can be optimised with hacks in mind. Hopefully, the space saving hacks help you in a way or another. Do also consider the importance of space planning as it will be practical in the long run.