Always feeling time-strapped during weekday mornings? Switching up your morning routine can help you get more done every day. Here are some great tricks to shorten the morning preparation time.

Plan your outfit in advance

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Put together a morning playlist

You can cut down a significant amount of preparing time for the day if you know what you’re going to wear. Pick your outfit the night before and place on a separate rack. This is a simple way to avoid that dilemma on what to wear in the morning.

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Create a morning playlist and put it on repeat while you get ready. Music improves your mood and energy level, it can also serve as a way to track how much time has passed with the number of tracks played.

Make a quick breakfast

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Simply pop a slice of bread into the toaster and spread one tablespoon of peanut butter and honey on it. Add banana slices and you’re done! Peanut butter contains about 4g of protein and honey contains cancer-fighting properties. Quick and tasty breakfast to fuel your day!

Drink a glass of water

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Start your day with a glass of water. This helps to rehydrate your body and gives your brain fuel. Drinking water in the morning kick starts your metabolism and helps to flush out toxins from your body. Not only that, water fills you up and curbs your appetite to avoid overeating.

Consolidate essential items in one place

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Place all the items you need the next day in one place. There’s no need to spend 10 minutes hunting down your keys and bags. Keep everything together and you can leave earlier!

Stay away from gadgets

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It’s normal to check your phone notifications before getting out of bed. Ignoring these devices can help save time and stress. Excessive technology use has been linked to fatigue and mental health problems. Put away your phone to prevent unnecessary time wasted in the morning.

Stop hitting the snooze button

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Hitting the snooze button will make yourself feel more tired and the extra 5-10 mins isn’t enough for you to complete a full sleep cycle. It confuses your brain and body clock. That extra sleep you get is fragmented, so you’re not getting much benefits from it.

Follow these few easy adjustments and you can significantly shorten your morning routine!