With school holidays kicking in and the festivities mood lingering, it’s the best time to travel overseas to relax and enjoy the rest of the year. There are many things to consider while packing for the long-awaited holiday of the year; contributing factors include weather, destination, duration of trip etc. Thus, it will be useful to know some useful tips and tricks on how to pack light yet enough for the whole trip.


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1. Be practical

Try to pack clothes that will not get wrinkled easily and with them being able to match one another. This way it saves you a lot of trouble without having to iron the clothes before heading out each time, also with the colours being matchy, you can reduce the amount of clothes to bring along which in turn saves luggage space for your souvenirs! If you are going to experience winter, then it is advisable to bring an outerwear that you can count on which doesn’t require you to load on too many layers of clothes, thus reduces the packing. Achieve to only pack the clothes that are essential not fanciful types.


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2. Adopt a minimalist mindset

Packing light can be a challenge but to maximise the luggage space, it is the best way ahead. Depending on the duration of your holiday, aim to pack only what you need and not what you think you need. Lay out all the items to have a good view of what you intend to bring along. Afterwards, from the stash, pick out those that you feel you can do without during the holiday. Toiletries are most likely not needed if you are staying at a hotel as they will be able to provide you with them throughout your stay. If it is really needed, either bring travel-sized bottles or those disposable sachets which reduces a lot of hassle because it is sealed so tightly there won’t be any leakage. Besides toiletries, shoes are another item that takes up a lot of space in the luggage. It will be best to bring a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes that can match the clothes easily which means you can switch them around simply.


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3. Make use of smart hacks

There are a lot of travel hacks lurking around the internet, some works while some are not much of a hack. One example of a useful hack – rolling clothes instead of folding them saves a lot of space indeed. However, there’s one downside. Rolling winter clothes doesn’t work as well, thus it is recommended to place them in reusable, re-sealable zipper storage bags and vacuum all the air inside the bags, keeping them as flat as possible. Another useful hack is to wrap your shoes/slippers with shower caps instead of putting them in shoe bags or plastic bags. Shower caps are a better alternative because not only will you be able to know at a glance which footwear you brought, your shoes/slippers will fit snuggly in the shower caps, which saves luggage space again!


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4. Always be prepared for emergencies

Common illnesses can come knocking on your door unexpectedly when overseas. And at this time, the medicinal kit that you have prepared for the trip will come in handy. Imagine having to find a clinic or pharmacy and subsequently having to do various hand signs when you can’t speak the local language just to get medicine. Eliminate all these trouble by just packing the pills either from your home or get it from nearby pharmacies. Other than medicine, stuff some plasters into the medicinal kit too.

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Happy holidays everyone!