Trends of the millennial changes rapidly over the years. They are in a communal environment where peers discover new experiences and try out new trends together. Let’s find out what are the few trends for the past few years:

  • Bubble Tea

Photo credits to Yahoo Singapore

The bubble tea trend started way before. Back in the 2000s, bubble tea chain stores such as Sweet Talk could be found everywhere in town and heartlands. It came a long way although it died down soon after leading to the burst of the bubble. In recent years, new bubble tea brands came along and got the millennial hook for years till today! The trend just won’t quit, millennial will wait in a crazy queue just to get their bubble tea cravings fixed!

  • Cheese Tart

Photo credits to Good Food

Over the years, there’s a relentless wave of Japanese food fads. One of the top trends is none other than the Baked Cheese Tart. These sweet-savoury bakes filled with almost runny filling has found new fans here. Crazy queues and two-hour long wait didn’t stop them from trying out. Sad to say that the trend was not as long-lived as bubble-teas. Both the crowd and queue has subsided drastically.

  • Korean Beauty & Makeup

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A growing number of millennial got infatuated with K-pop and K-drama leading to the rise of Korean beauty trends. This revolution of Korean beauty trends came to Singapore and dominated the industry. All the Korean beauty and makeup chain could be easily seen in the majority of shopping malls in Singapore. Korean beauty products can also be found in beauty stores such as Sephora. Korea sets the bar on what’s hot and what’s not in beauty, hence we’ve got all reason to believe that this trend is gonna stay!

  • Dad’s Sneaker

Photo credits to Pinterest

The classic “dad’s sneaker” is back in action again! Even fashion icons/celebrity such as Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian has been spotted wearing these sneakers frequently. The dad’s sneaker trended started way beyond 20 years ago, these shoes became a true hit again. These sneakers are in tuned with the oversized and loose fit trend. Big brands such as Yezzy, Calvin Klein and are still dropping new sneakers collection. Looks like this trend is not going away any time soon!

As this demographic group of young individuals continue to grow, new trends will always surface.  Who knows which trend will kick a storm again this year. Let’s keep a lookout!